Vero Nihil Verius? Or: "Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted?"

1. Et In Arcadia Egomania?

I had a problem with Nicholas de Vere and Laurence Gardner’s essays and books from the very beginning: as much as I resonated with them, or they resonated with me, or whatever. And that was the problem of independent verification of the facts and theories as stated in those same works.

I read Zecharia Sitchin next, because that seemed the most obvious next step. And then I real Samuel Noah Kramer, and what we have of the Sumerian and Akkadian myths themselves, and realized a couple of things;

1. Zecharia Sitchin had an obvious agenda, in that he very, very much wanted the Anunnaki/Elohim to be Space Aliens, and:

2. He cherry picked the myths and the texts from ancient tablets, often rearranging them entirely so that they supported his thesis that the Anunnaki/Elohim were Space Aliens.

Nicholas de Vere was very clear that we were dealing with “Extradimensional” entities who were incarnate in human bodies even before the Cro-Magnon species was a thing; and these hybrids had in turn had interbred with Cro-Magnons, enabling the same type of entities to incarnate within their partially Cro-Magnon descendents long after the other species of humanity who once existed alongside Cro Magnons went extinct. These were supposedly the Nephilim of Biblical legend. The “Giants” and "Great Men Of Renown." These “Extradimensional Entities” are often referred to as The Watchers.

Funny thing about “The Watchers.” Nicholas de Vere frequently refers to the "Dragon" peoples as Derkesthai, an ancient Greek word. He said a “Derkesthai” is a dragon, but that the term can also describe someone with clear sight. Or maybe “one who observes.” Like the Watchers.

He goes on to say in From Transylvania To Tunbridge Wells:

"The etymology of the word ‘dragon’ comes to us via the Latin but is derived ultimately, it is thought, from the Greek, though the origin of the word and its definition is probably much older. The word in Greek is drakon (drakon); as in edrakon (edrakon), an aorist of derkesthai (derkesthai), which means ‘to see clearly’.

A dragon was one who saw clearly, and clarity of vision engendered and was always classically associated with wisdom, which itself produced power. Today we say that knowledge is power, so nothing has changed in that respect, except that it is actually wisdom – the ability to predict or intuit and synthesize knowledge – a prerequisite of druidic or fairy neuro-physiology, that actually affords the greatest power of all."

This sentiment seems to be echoed all throughout the Balkan region and Greek Islands.

Here’s an alternate theory for those who can’t get behind the whole "angels" or "extradimensional aliens" thing - what if “Watchers” just refers to *star watchers*? The “Dragon Houses” and Great Pyramids and many other sacred megalithic sites line up with astral phenomena. The ancient gods and even the angels of the ancient Canaanite and Hebrew lore were associated with the planets that the ancients were able to see without the aid of the powerful telescopes we have today, and the “Fixed Stars,” Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut. Or as you might know them, Raphael, Gabriel, Micheal and Uriel. People athropomorphized them and assigned them personalities and characteristcs and made up stories about them, but they started out as observable phenomena.

Now, think about many hermetic-style rituals where you have to draw pentagrams or hexagrams, such as the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram, in which you are also invoking the four Luminaries named above for protection. You're drawing stars. Now consider what Aleister Crowley says: "Every man and woman is a star," and that the elements of which we are all composed originated within the stars. Anyway, it's something to think about.

(Also: because I need to stick this somewhere and this seems the least worst spot: since Nicholas de Vere refers to the “Derkesthai” or “Grail” families” or “Dragon peoples” as Elves and Vampires, as if they're two sides of the same archetypal coin, consider this: Vampires get their energy, (or nwyfre, or magnetism, Orgone, Astral Light, Ruach, Mana, or whatever) from people. Elves get their energy from their surrounding environment.)

Nicholas de Vere references Kenneth Grant, of the “Draconic” or “Typhonic” Current extensively to support his theory of "extradimensional aliens." If you are familiar with Kenneth Grant and his body of work, this becomes a story of entities From Beyond the Mauve Zone incarnating within humanity and influencing its development.

It’s an interesting theory: but I’m not sure there’s any way to objectively prove it until science gets to a point where it can actually acknowledge the existence of The Mauve Zone, or Extra Dimensional entities. You have a ton of people with subjective experience of those things, but science doesn’t have a way of detecting or measuring those things yet - at least not one that it has been willing to share with the rest of the class yet. Kenneth Grant and his mentor Aleister Crowley were confident that the day would come when science would back them up.

The problem that has developed since those two august personages related their experiences with the occult is the hysterical echo chamber of conspiracy theorists proclaiming that the descendents of these hybrids, if they are such, are “SHAPESHIFTING REPTILIANS” or “THE BLOODLINE OF THE ANTICHRIST.” A couple of things about this:

1. Nicholas de Vere was not out to be King Of The World, no matter what Tracy Twyman said. He wanted to buy an island or some isolated land somewhere and go establish his own independent micronation of Derkesthai, called Drakenberg.

2. The involvement of people like Tracy Twyman who engaged primarily with the Conspiracy Theory subculture made everything so much worse, and it has done nothing but muddy the proverbial waters ever since - making "clear sight" difficult.

And I promised I wasn’t just here to drag Tracy Twyman, who is no longer here to defend herself; and I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t need to be so critical of her actions if the fallout from her attempt to influence and control the Dragon Court wasn’t still causing massive problems to this day.

The prevading theory on the old dragoncourt dot org forum was not that Nick handed Tracy the Dragon Court out of the blue, but that Tracy had exploited Nicholas de Vere’s technophobia and certain life situations that had required his full attention so that he would just hand her control of the Dragon Court out of necessity. When Bill Barckley and Richard Dufton resisted this development (or, in modern political and pop cultural parlance, “refused to bend the knee”) they were ruthlessly attacked by her followers, or as I like to call them "Twymanistas."

Whether or not this theory was accurate, there was a good reason for their resistance. Conspiracy Theory culture has been nothing but noise to signal. None of Tracy Twyman’s own theories were backed up by anything but other conspiracy theories. Her and Brian Albert's Dagobert’s Revenge zine was just conspiracy theories all the way down. And now the Dragon Court concept has been incorporated into the paranoid hysterics of people who worry about shapeshifting reptilians in the closet and demons under the bed.

You might be saying, "how is that different from people who believe they might be descended from extradimensional beings?” And that’s a good question, and my best answer is: the hysterical reptilian shapeshifter believers may not even be aware of this (though a lot of them are) but this hysteria is a cover or a symbolic psychological cipher for their racial anxiety about "the Other" or "the great replacement" and (((those people.)))

And people like me have had more legitimate reason to worry that those hysterics might translate into actual acts of violence over the last ten centuries than they have had to worry about any actual "shapeshifting reptilians" or the people that those "reptilians" are actually a dog-whistle stand-in for.

It’s also why it’s distressing to see people associated with the Derkesthai subulture fall into those same mindsets. Like, you know that those idiots think we’re the “bloodline of the antichrist” with "serpent DNA" and want to kill us all off at the first opportunity, right? That this is what Nicholas de Vere’s whole rant about "The Thousand-Year Elven Holocaust" is all about?

The idea that there are "Derkesthai" people carrying water for people like David Icke and even worse far right wing conspiracy theorists is baffling to me. Let's try not to be useful idiots for the people who want to murder us, mmkay?

People are free to believe anything they want of course. But as I stated in blog post on an earlier incarnation of this website in 2012 (which was meant to throw shade on Tracy Twyman without naming her directly, for continuing to cling to conspiracy theories that have long since been debunked) there are things which are verifiably true, and verifiably not true. Whatever your belief system may be, the person who continues to promote theories which have been proven untrue is operating in bad faith. They are knowingly flooding the zone with bullshit, because that bullshit benefits them in some way.

That was the thing that struck me when I watched Bruce Burgess’s film Bloodline: How smug they all seemed about it. Like "tee hee, at this point we know it’s fake, but we don’t care. It’s getting us an audience and it’s making us money." One of the first things you see when you go to the IMDB page for it is how part of the material presented is an admitted hoax. The "tomb" was a set in a warehouse in England.

All I could do at the time was compare this whole phenomenon to Nicholas de Vere’s previous ranting about the "New Age Industry" fleecing the gullible. The Conspiracy Theory Industy has done way more cultural damage in my opinion. They aren't just grifters, they're sadistic cultural terrorists who are charging their victims for the right to be terrorized.

Nicholas de Vere set himself up for failure the moment he associated with Tracy Twyman. It was over for him the moment he handed her the literal and figurative keys to the kingdom; he had willingly capitulated to everything he had claimed he was against. This haunted him for the rest of his life, and he was barely in the ground when Tracy started proverbially doing donuts over his grave, via podcasts and in her book Clock Shavings which was published barely a year after his death.

And that's the worst thing about this: no one deserved to lose their life over this crap. Not Bill, not Nick, and not Tracy. Nothing about this stuff was ever worth the amount of backbiting that has occured over it. No one deserved to be attacked or harassed over a web domain. Maybe Tracy Tywman deserved criticism for her behavior but she didn't deserve to die because of it. And no I don't buy the conspiracy theories about that, either. There's just been a pall over this whole thing, and sometime it "gets" people. It's almost like this whole thing was, I dunno, cursed. I wonder how that could have happned?

(And this is why occult education is important. I don't care if you think it's dangerous, I don't care if you think its all fake - this stuff can affect people even if just on a subconscious level, and people need to know not to just hit the ground running with a ouija board in one hand and a copy of Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible in the other. I may be biased, but Peter J. Carroll's Liber Null & Psychonaut is a good starting point, as is Donald Michael Kraig's Modern Magick: Twelve Lessons In the High Magickal Arts. People who fuck around generally end up finding out, but sometimes it's better to learn from those who have already fucked around and found out first rather than fucking around and finding out the hard way yourself.)

Anyway: on the internet radio show Night Vision Radio With Rene Barnett, (I had the audio file somewhere, once I find it I'll put it on Dropbox and post a link here) Tracy claimed that people who fell out with Nick personally had a habit of:

1. Either trying to appropriate the Dragon Court for their own ends, or:
2. “starting their own fake court,” or
3. Saying that Nick was crazy or a bullshit artist and the whole thing was fake.

It seems like she herself was not immune to this phenomenon, because she did all of the above. People who liked Nick got really mad about this. It's like she couldn't decide herself if Nick and his claims were bullshit or not, and just ran with the parts that she wanted to not be bullshit because they dovetailed with her own beliefs. Which I am guilty of myself, let's be honest here, but ddragoncourt dot org was Nick's outfit before he split from it. I mean, he split from us.

2. The Merovingian Mixup

So much of Tracy’s own connection to the Dragon Court phenomenon had to do with the Mystery of Rennes-le-Château and The Priory Of Sion, and the theories about it put forth by writers Henry Lincoln, Michael Baigent, and Richard Leigh in their book Holy Blood, Holy Grail. The material that Laurence Gardner is accused of having plagiarized from Nicholas de Vere was itself published as The Bloodline Of The Holy Grail. Tracy wrote a book on the subject herself, “The Merovingian Mythos.”

[Pictured: The Merv, who is way too cool for this shit. Even now.]

Around that same time author Dan Brown wrote the thriller novel The Da Vinci Code, employing the conspiracy theory as a narrative hook. It was a bestseller, and eventually also a movie. The franchise made him a bajillion dollars - something that no doubt vexed all of the people who had not managed to accomplish that as writers of conspiracy theory books or zines or websites. It was one of those pop culture phenomenons that was a real big thing for a while, and then faded to the point that it left very little of a pop cultural footprint; but in the mid 2000s it was everywhere and you couldn't get away form it.

[Or this haircut.]

It poses the theory that the Merovingian Kings and all of their descendents, including the Houses of Anjou and Plantagenet, were themselves descended from the union of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. For people like my Mother, the idea was especially exciting because it seemed like more evidence that Christianity and the "Goddess Religion" had once peacefully existed side-by-side, like Marion Zimmer Bradley suggested in her book The Mists Of Avalon.

But here’s the thing, folks: Pierre Plantard's claims were all a hoax! It had all already been exposed as a hoax a few years before Tracy even started the Dagobert's Revenge zine and website!

Like, it’s been so thoroughly debunked at this point that I don’t even need to re-debunk it here: the debunking is all out there for you to read yourself. The best breakdown of the whole thing can be summarized here in this Wikipedia article regarding the influence it had on the book The Holy Blood, The Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln.

That didn’t stop people like Tracy Twyman and other folks in the Da Vinci Code Industrial Complex from writing books and producing media about it as if it was never exposed as a hoax at all; as if they were hoping nobody noticed or ever brought it up.

Those of us on the dragoncourt dot org forum finally noticed one day in early 2005, when one of our members (the one who eventually referred me to the Pickingill Papers) created a thread one day, which as I remember was titled something to the effect of, “NOW WHAT?” with a thread starter post of ”It’s a hoax. What do we do now?” with links to the website. This site, which is still active and being updated regularly, is owned and operated by Paul Smith, who to this day is a tireless debunker of the whole “Da Vinci Code” reality tunnel phenomenon.

Tracy even quotes Paul Smith once directly in her 2014 memoir Clock Shavings:

"A great deal of documentation on this can be found on, where author Paul Smith writes that:

There was nothing 'mysterious' about the source of Bérenger Saunière’s wealth - it all stemmed from the selling of masses - Saunière advertised in religious magazines and journals like Semaine Religieuse, La Croix, L'eclair. L'Express du Midi, L'Univers and Le Télégramme and the money just poured in from all over-to such an extent that Saunière could not honor the requests, there being so many of them."

But she does not acknowledge his stance against the Priory Of Sion hoax at all. It’s as if she wants to name drop him to back up the point she was making in that paragraph, but not enough that her readers might be tempted to research his opinions any further beyond that one reference, because she knew it would deflate her whole narrative.

Tracy Twyman seems to have been been a neo-reactionary who got caught up in the spell of the story that was unfolding on her website, in her books, and in her head; that there was a real "rightful king" whose entrance onto the world's stage would brought about by the actions of herself and her group the Ordo Lapsit Exillis, like protagonists of a movie or one of Dan Brown's occult-themed thriller novels. And once they did everything the script or the plot said (which presumably included sacrificing Nicholas de Vere to Baphomet!) the True King would emerge, and by divine decree would put everything (and everyone) in the world back in their “proper place."

Nicholas de Vere himself was a proponent of the Bloodline of Jesus, aka the "Bloodline of the Holy Grail" in his essays; indeed this was what attracted Laurence Gardner and Tracy Twyman to his orbit in the first place.

Nick’s own political views could have been described as some kind of “Grail Libertarianism.” His claimed descent from Jesus and Mary Magdalene was not based on Jesus as the literal Son Of God, but as a dynastic descendant of the royal bloodlines who were themselves descended from the ancient Priest-Kings and Queens of Meosopotamia, and the Druidic and Witch bloodlines of Europe (who were descended from The Watchers.) What he wanted was international recognition of his sovereign right to create his own micronation far away from any sort of government control or oversight. Or bears. This would be the Libertarian dream come true. (minus the bears.)

People who have debunked the Priory of Sion Hoax claim that the idea that the Merovingians were descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene was cooked up entirely by Henry Lincoln, Michael Baigent, and Richard Leigh, based on the idea of the Merovech being fathered by a Sea Monster, and any fish symbol = obviously Jesus! Here’s a take on the whole thing from The Pillars Of Tubal Cain by Michel Howard and Nigel Jackson.

Seriously though: if it were a story that was going around at the time, I think Eliphas Levi for one would have mentioned it. His book The History Of Magic mentions the Panthera Paternity theory.

In La Science des Esprits Eliphas Levi also relates a story from the controversial Toledot Yeshu, claiming that Jesus studied the esoteric lore of the Isis and Osiris cults in Egypt as a young man; and upon returning to Jerusalem he infiltrated the Sanctuary of the Temple after making copies of the keys; and that he copied down the information he found there, cross-referencing it with esoteric lore he'd learned in Egypt and even making his own copy of the legendary Cubic Stone.

["I'm going to steal it. I'm going to steal the Declaration of Independence Cubic Stone"]

This is pure speculation on my part - but it's been suggested that Emperor Constantine was not a sincere convert to Christianity, but that he intended to appropriate and warp it to suit his own agenda, merging it with the Imperal Cult as another form of social control. Did the Romans misappropriate and distort the story of a real-life historical Jesus to cover up the fact that it was they who had him crucified as a political prisoner because he stole his people's esoteric lore from people who were on their payroll (the pro-Roman Pharisees) and gave it back to the people, like some kind of Rabbinical Robin Hood?

What if Christianity as it is practiced today is a corrupted narrative disguising the heroic acts of a revolutionary who used occult methods to fight back against Roman occupation and oppression? 1700 hundred years later, their empire has never ended.

This, too would require proof; but it makes sense in the context of PhilKDickian Gnosticism.

How shocked do you think Jesus was when he read the Ineffable Name Of God and Barbelo showed up like:

If Jesus wasn't a Messiah before, he probably was after that.

Do you want to know who was probably actually a member of the Invisible College?

But anyway! That's just my speculation.

I think Nick mentions Eliphas Levi by name once or twice in his entire body of work, and he doesn’t show up in Nick’s initial acknowledgements at all. It would have helped immensely if Nick had given Eliphas Levi credit where it was due; it would have saved me a lot of time and legwork. But against Jesus's own awesome example, who am I to complain about having to do legwork?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wouldn’t have even known that Nick’s reference to “The Marshmallow Papers” was actually a reference to The Pickingill Papers unless someone who was familiar with that very obscure reference hadn’t told me.

So the "descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene" angle is iffy, what about the Sea Monster angle? This was a story that survived and spread in different forms, carried down by dynasties descended from the Merovingians. The Plantagenets themselves were descendants of Geoffrey Greymantle and “The Demon Countess of Anjou.” King Richard I the Lionheart once proclaimed,

“From the Devil we came, and to the Devil we shall go!”

[Yes that is young dreamboat Anthony Hopkins as Richard. Moving right along…]

From The website The Angevin World:

"The story of the Demon Countess of Anjou was quite popular in the 12th century. Unfortunately, like most legends, the facts were less compelling. Fulk the Black’s mother was actually Adele of Meaux, a French noblewoman. In truth, the many successes of the Counts of Anjou were what led to rumors and whisperings of demonic blood."

This seems similar to the legend of the Melusine, the ancestress of the Lusignans, more Merovingian descendants whom Nicholas de Vere name-drops quite a lot. If these legends are to be believed, it seems like people were just starting dynasties with aquatic fairies all over the damn place. But if you consider what Nicholas de Vere says, that these were Shamanesses/Witch-Priestesses, it makes sense. It was a way of encoding the old beliefs into a story that could be told in a Christian setting; but if you knew, you knew.

Even though descent from an actual sea moster would be awesome. Like:

I mean:


In all seriousness: my theory and suggestion here is that the descent from Mary Magdalene and Jesus angle was cooked up when Clovis converted to Christianity, a form of image rehabilitation after the "descent from a sea monster" story which had existed previously as a prevalent Frankish and Merovingian tribal myth. It was no longer cool or even acceptable to be seen as the spawn of a horror from the deep; not as the champions of this new faith that frowned on that sort of thing.

The original heraldic device of Merovech and his grandson Clovis, the first king of France, was three frogs. At the time, frogs were associated with the earlier Pagan traditions that Christianity was trying to stamp out and replace.

There’s basically this one section copied straight from Laurence Gardner’s Nicholas de Vere’s Bloodline Of The Holy Grail, that shows up on a bunch of websites, and it goes into more detail.

It was apparently so inappropriate for Clovis to have frogs on his shield that, as the legend goes, an angel came down from heaven and gave him a new one with three lilies on it (Fleur-de-lis.) But this was just as Witchy according to Nicholas de Vere and other occultists, because the Fleur-de-lis itself supposedly has occult connotations.

To me, this suggests that the Frankish tribes had established cultural stories and pagan mythic traditions (many of which seem to have involved marriage to Witch-Priestesses of an old Sea God or Sea Goddess Religion in some cases.) These stories were then reinterpreted, replaced or re-written to align with their new Catholic Christian associations after the Frankish peoples were converted to Christianity.

Conspiracy theorists are taking whichever version they want to be true as the 100% literal truth, cherry picking whichever narrative best fits their agenda: either the Merovingians as the Bloodline of the Holy Grail, or the Merovingians as the Demonic Spawn Of Satan or the Antichrist. Both narratives have collided and coagulated in the collective unconscious, symbolized best by the double-barreled Cross Of Lorraine.

Their legend has endured, centuries after the Merovingians lost power with the assassination of Dagobert II - who deserves so much more than to just be remembered as the mascot of a conspiracy theory magazine that was created to flood the zone with bullshit and to push a specific neo-reactionary authoritarian political agenda. His descendents are the heroes and heroines of the Chanson de Geste and the Matter Of France, the poetic literary traditions of early medieval France.

Eliphas Levi’s chapters on the Merovingians in The History Of Magic are definitely required reading.

3. “Nothing is truer than truth?”

There are reviewers of the Dragon Legacy on Amazon who accuse Nick of deliberate obfuscation or misdirection in some cases. Some people have speculated that he felt like he still had to obscure some elements of this stuff or possibly face some sort of harassment and persecution. Which makes sense, considering that the Satanic Panic was in full swing, not to mention the previous 1000 years of Inquisitions and Witch persecutions.

But then I have spoken with people who knew Nick, who say that he and the rest of his 90s-era irl Court would sit around chortling to themselves about him laying deliberate bits of misdirection in the text. I don’t understand it.

What happened to the Scottish Weir family motto, “nothing is truer than truth?”

This line of speculation isn’t meant to be a character attack. I’m not taking the piss. These questions come from a place of deep frustration.

On a previous version of this website which was hosted elsewhere back in 2005, I once did a whole post about Nick’s "de Vere family archives being "channeled information," via "genetic memory" as per his interview with Tracy Twyman which was published as My Kingdom Is Not Of This World.

One question I posed was: if so many of Nick’s claims originated from his "channeled family archives" and there is nothing outside of the gene for red hair and CJD to physically differentiate the Dragons from the rest of humanity, and Dragons/Elves were interdimensional beings born into human bodies or the descendents of hybrids thereof, and he couldn’t exhibit evidence of any magical powers or special intuition or extrasensory perception, then what made Nick and the Dragons different from the Otherkin?

I was not trying to start shit: I was asking as someone who had identified as Otherkin myself. To be fair that is what a "otherdimensional Faery spirit being incarnated into a human body" is, right? OWN IT.

Just like the time I got the spurious attempt at a C & D from Tracy’s book company the same day I posted links to Nick’s archived essays on the wayback machine, I imagine one of Tracy’s Twymanistas must have been checking up on my site to see if I was saying Mean Things About Mommy again, and tattled to her immediately - because my site was gone overnight. Not just that page, but the whole damn site. I logged in and there was no account. Just gone, poof, as if it had never been there. Nothing was even on the wayback machine. It happened that fast.

I emailed the hosting company and was told it was for a ”violation” but they never specified what the violation was, or gave me a chance to remove the offending information. It was like that site just never existed.

Ironically, Twymanistas are now complaining about Tracy’s work disappearing from the internet. As for me: that first bahleetion in 2005 taught me about the importance of backups and redundancy.

See, the thing is: I'm not doubting Nick's claims of channeling his ancestors, Major Thomas Weir in particular. It's just that when you have an experience like this, it's entirely subjective. People have to take your word for it that this is what you did, and it's not just a scam or a pantomime. It kind of looks weird when you spend the entire forward and first chapter of your essay or book ranting about the New Age movement and how unlike them, your movement is backed up by history and science - and then admit that nearly all of your information came from channeling.

There was a group from LiveJournal that I was unfortunately involved with for a while, whose website carried a proclamation like, "unlike all of those other flakes who claim to be the reincarnations of characters from JRR Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings, we're the real deal!" That's just what Nick's "New Age Critique" seems like in retrospect.

My opinions regarding this whole thing have undergone a lot of change and revision over the past 21 years. Here is just a fraction of what I had to work through in order to get anything resembling external verification or hard data to back up any of Nick’s claims about the "Dragon Peoples." And even then, what they sketch out is a rough outline and not a one-to-one confirmation of everything spelled out in Nick's essays.

Nick did recommend The First And Last Freedom by Jiddu Krishnamurti, along with The Golden Bough by James George Frazier and The Witch-Cults Of Western Europe by Professor Margaret Murray. So I guess those too, if you feel up to it.

Yes, those are a lot of books, and people are short on time and money these days. I’m not suggesting anyone go read these unless they absolutely want to. But it’s what I had to do in order for the pieces to start to fall into place. And the picture that emerges is not "Nicholas de Vere is descended from all of the Kings who ever Kinged and his Bloodline is the Only Grail Bloodline" but of related cultural groups who managed to preserve their symbol-sets and practices over centuries of suppression and repression.

Despite the criticism it has garnered, I feel like The Pickingill Papers may provide the clearest picture of what was actually going on - which makes its current inavailibity (and Nick's attempt to obscure it as one of his sources when writing his essays) all the more frustrating. The essay The Secrets Of The Nine Covens is like a super condensed version of those events.

Michael W. Ford's books are an excellent education in the Left-Hand Path, even if that isn't your jam (my path these days is at the midpoint between the Right and Left Hand Paths.) He and Michael Howard really lay things out on the line that Nicholas de Vere appeared to be trying to keep occulted or obscured with clever word games and sly oblique references. Ford also throws out the "Magickal Eugenics" angle out entirely, which I found to be refreshing.

In fact, for newcomers to the whole "Dragon" paradigm, I'd recommend reading W.E. Liddell's above linked essay The Secrets Of the Nine Covens, along with Michael Howard's Chilren Of Cain, Paul Huson's Mastering Witchcraft, and Michael W. Ford's The Dragon Of the Two Flames first, before proceeding on to The Dragon Legacy by Nicholas de Vere or any of Nick's essays.

Some of you may be going, "what does the Simon Necronomicon, a book that I bought at the mall when I was sixteen, have to do with Nicholas de Vere or the Dragon Legacy?" ("Mine came standard-issue with a pair of tripp pants in 2003," etc.) Well, if you go back and read the Simon Necronomicon, and then compare it to The Dragon Legacy or Nick's original online essays that the Dragon Legacy is based on, you can definitely spot some similarities there.

No, I'm not suggesting Nicholas de Vere plagiarized the Simon Necronomicon. I'm suggesting that both Nick and "Simon" were influenced by the writings of L.A. Waddell, a Sumerologist whose theories were later incorporated into the Nazi propaganda machine.

(Also: to prevent any confusion due to the similarity in their names:

W.E Liddell = An English Traditional Witch who wrote letters to some Pagan magazines in the 1970s trying to set the record straight about Traditional Witchcraft and its influence on Wicca. Those letters were eventually published as The Pickingill Papers by the late Michael Howard, himself an occult writer cited several times here on this site and the editor of one of those magazines, The Cauldron.

L.A. Waddell = a guy whose racially biased psudohistorical theories were used by the Nazis to prop up a lot of their propaganda in the 1930s and beyond.)

Waddell and other pseudohistorians like him promoted the belief that Sumerians were "Aryans," and that these "Aryan Supermen" conquered and ruled the ancient world. The Nazi party used this narrative as an excuse to commit atrocities, stating that because the ancient "Aryans" had ruled the world, the modern "Aryans" (i.e. the Nazis themselves) deserved to conquer and rule it again.

One problem with this narrative: it had already been debunked by the time Hitler rose to power, and even Hitler knew it (one account describes him melting down over the fact that none of their recent archeological finds rivaled anything form ancient Rome, and berating Himmler for "enthusing over potsherds".) But it didn't stop them from dissimenating their bullshit to try and justify invading other countries and murdering millions of people.

The thing is, Nick bashes the Nazis a lot in his writings even while he totally ran with the whole "Sumerians were Aryans" thing. Even though they weren't. Because "Aryan" is not a race or ethnic group, it's a language group, and the Sumerians didn't speak it. Sumerian is a language isolate not related to any of the Indo European languages - though it did have some examples of Proto Indo-European loanwords, probably due to trade and cultural exchange.

The Germans aren't Aryans, either: something that Nicholas de Vere rather scathingly pointed out in his writings. Germanic developed from a whole different branch of the Indo European language tree. But they weren't just "potato farming peasants" either; the ancient Germanic peoples had a rich culture and produced magnificent artifacts like the Nebra Sky Disc. They just weren't the world-conquering civilization of Ubermenschen that the Nazis had desperately wanted them to be - and the Nazis themselves were accutely, painfully aware of this.

Supposedly there was genetic evidence for “Dragons” being different from mainstream homo sapiens, but the only actual information Nick disclosed about that was that Dragons had the gene for red hair and the genetic markers for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Nick had decreed that the original Witches just had to be “pure Aryans, with red hair and green eyes," and that the “Royal Grail Bloodlines” *had* to be descended from them and *only* from them, even as he was he bashing WWII-era Nazis and white supremacists like the Hungarian "Dragon Court" group that Laurence Gardner was hanging out with.

But in the few sources he does cite (however obliquely) like the Pickingill Papers, evidence seems to point to the Derkesthai culture originating with the "Old Race," who later mixed with Proto Indo European migrants or invaders to form Corded Ware Culture who then spread out across much of Europe. And this makes a lot more sense if you're going to claim that Transylvania was the Original Derkesthai Homeland and associate them with Vinča culture. Which he does, in the Dragon Cede.

The archeological record didn't line up with the original Derkesthai/Witches as Nick had described them having been Proto-Indo Europeans. The timeline was wrong. But it was spot-on for the "Dragons" having been "Old Europeans," and the archeogenetic record supports it too.

Marija Gimbutas depicts Old Europe as an idyllic egalitarian utopia led by a Goddess-worshipping matriarchy which was brutally overrun and conquered by the incoming Proto Indo Europeans. The archeological record doesn't exactly reflect this either (though it's kind of gratifying to imagine the Witch-Priestess Clan-Mothers going, "these barbarians who smell like horses think they're going to come here and give *us* what they think passes for culture? Bless their hearts.")

Instances of cannibalism do show up in the archeological record for the Linear Band Ceramic (LBK) people, part of the whole Early European Farmer "Danube Culture Horizon" that Vinča Culture was also a part of (what some archeologists refers to as "Old Europe.")

Nicholas de Vere referred to it as "Martial Cannibalism" but the archeologists suggest it occured due to warring over dwindling resources as the LBK societal model started to break down due to famine, possibly due to crop failures or unsustainable farming practices. They probably weren't just rampaging around eating people's adrenal glands for Satan or whatever.

Maybe the "Old Europeans" weren't invaded and conquered by a race of "gigachads"; maybe it was a case of The Right Place At The Right Time. If things had gotten so bad that people were resorting to cannibalism to survive, then maybe they were ready to try a different cultural model. If the land couldn't grow crops, it could still grow grass, which the cows and horses - domesticated animals that the Proto Indo Eurpeans brought with them - could eat.

There's a real danger and a temptation to idealize or romanticize past civilizations as having had it all together, and the best we can do is try and recreate it in our time - when in actuality the harder we look it seems like nobody anywhere has ever really had their shit together. No one anywhere has ever had either a utopia where everything just magically fell into place and worked - or any empire of brutal subjugation by so-called "ubermenschen" that didn't fall apart eventually under the weight of its own brutality. Anyone who tells you differently is a reactionary, wants to re-establish some kind of racially-based caste system, and/or just wants your vote. Probably all three at once.

Tracy Twyman was a huge fan of L.A. Waddell and his theories, and admitted as much. As for the Simon Necronomicon: as one Chaote once quipped, "is it historically accurate? Probably not. Do the rituals in it work? Definitely."

And this is probably the best expression of the real problem here, and indeed the main point of this essay; Magick can be seen as a way to interface with things through the Collective Unconscious using cultural symbols. As such, it is not always based in quantifiable objective truth, but in philisophical frameworks and "reality-meshes" based in consensus realities and collective cultural narratives; in the stories people tell themselves about themselves and the larger Univese around them.

And it follows that the people who control those narratives could be said to control or influence the people who ascribe to that particular reality-mesh or paradigm or cultural narrative. These "Reality-Editors" are the true Magicians among us.

We get that these are all stories, right? And stories have power. Magick runs on stories. Well, stories and electromagnetism, but mostly stories. If Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman have taught us anything, they taught us this. Our realities are defined by the stories we tell ourselves - or the ones we are told which we choose to accept as our reality.

And as we have seen all too often, people are more than willing to kill or die over these cultural stories. Conspiracy theorists, the really successful ones like Pierre Plantard was, or whoever is running Qanon now (signs seem to point to current and previous operators of the 8chan website) and others, have a knack for subverting loads of people by writing or rewriting cultural narratives to suit a particular political agenda - usually ones that will end up with masses of people getting scapegoated and killed.

To borrow a turn of phrase from Robert Anton Wilson, they see no problem with hacking the reality-meshes of people to get what they want.

This was probably not what Tracy Twyman aspired to when she started Dagobert's Revenge. Some people who get involved in the Conspiracy Theory business seem to think that it's fun. They see themselves as akin to the Merry Pranksters, upsetting the established cultural narrative "For The Lulz." It's fun to play around with symbols and stories and paradigms. Tracy and the OLE probably just thought they were cool edgy rebels having fun with a ouija board.

It's all fun and games until someone almost ends up gettng sacrificed to Baphomet, isn't it?

And this makes what happened afterwards even worse and more tragic and awful. To all the people theorizing that she's not actually dead and that she faked her death to get away from weirdos making death threats: I actually hope this is true. Because the alternative is just awful to think about.

Anyway: while Nick bashed Nazis and white supremacy, he was a fan of the supposed Proto-Indo European caste system, aka the Trifunctional Hypothesis. He claims that the Priest Kings and Queens ran their client states like "Well Oiled Machines" and that things only started to go wrong the moment that the hereditary Grail Kings and Queens were disenfranchised and unseated by conquerors, schemers and "The Mayors Of The Palace" (basically "The Hand Of The King" in Game Of Thronespeak.)

And he insists that most people are really just dim, incurious little peasants, like biological worker robots whose original programming (to serve the Priestly and Kingly castes) was subverted and socially engineered into serving the conquerors, pretenders, and capitalists who unseated the rightful Grail Kings and Queens.

Tracy Twyman supported him in this view. Which to me sounds like your conservative uncle at the Holiday dinner table talking about how they ought to put him in charge of "the sheeple" because "he'd sort everyone out and put them back in their place."

But there's another angle to this: I have spoken to people who knew Nick personally who suspect that he was neurodivergent or on the autistic spectrum. This is another line of speculation, but if this was the case then I can certainly relate. Because this was my experience as a neurodivergent person growing up in a situation where I was expected by everyone around me to just pick up that social programming by osmosis like a "normal person" (neurotypical or allistic) and I was often criticized or punished when I didn't. I was well into adulthood before I sort of learned to “mimic the programming” of the neurotypicals around me and find a niche in society that would enable me to earn a living and survive - I.T. or technical support. Yes, I’m one of those people who gets paid to tell people to try turning it off and back on again.

These kinds of jobs are great because Management (usually all neurotypicals) already thinks we’re overspecialized weirdos who obsess too much over weird stuff. They’re content to stick us back in the Server Room or the NOC or whatever where they don’t have to deal with us, and that’s just fine because that means we don’t have to deal with them either.

Problem was, Nicholas de Vere was a technophobe according to what people have told me about him - so that was probably not an option for him.

So in that context it looks like “A long time ago, neurodivergent people ran the world like a well-oiled machine, and it was as close to a utopia as we’ve ever been able to get because we were able to give the Biological Worker Robot neurotypicals/allistics the exact programming they needed to do whatever jobs were required; but one day they tricked and betrayed the neurodivergents and seized power, and things have been a mess ever since.”

It sounds paternalistic and authoritarian, even if that wasn't Nick's intent. I hated this aspect of it because to people on the outside of this thing we just look like a bunch of elitists who are disgruntled that we were displaced by another set of elitists. It also happens to be the exact language used to excuse slavery and colonialism.

Basically: “‘those people’ were put here by God to serve their betters. We gave them Christianity and civilization and technology, and everything we stole from them was our just reward for showing them the light, so really they should be grateful that we oppressed and enslaved them and stole all their resources! The freedoms or resources or land we took from them never belonged to them in the first place, because they were too primitive and ignorant appreciate it! They’re no better off than they should be - and if they're suffering, that just means they're stupid and lazy and ungrateful, and still no better off than they should be!”

The thing is, this was also the language that the Church used to subvert and stamp out the “Fairy” or “Dragon” peoples according to Nicholas de Vere's account of “The Thousand-Year Elven Holocaust.” It goes a little something like this:

In the case of the Celtic and Germanic tribes of Dark-Age-era Europe, The Royal Family or ruling tribe of a region started out as the semi-divine representatives or descendants of a people’s original tribal gods. "The King And The Land Are One" etc. But eventually they were pressured or coerced or bribed or converted to switch to Christianity: or rather, "Churchianity," under the exclusive control of the early Catholic Church. The Church may have assigned them “handlers” who ended up doing most of the actual work of administration before they eventually consolidate and seize power (“the Mayors of the Palace” in the case of the Merovingian dynasty.) The Church then anointed them as God's New Appointed Chosen Sovereigns By Divine Right, often marrying them to surviving female relations of the previous dynasty as a way to “sell” the new dynasty as a legitimate continuation of the old one.

And: this is colonialism. Those Celtic and Germanic tribes were colonized by the Church.

The places where Christianity and the "Old Religions" combined to form "Celtic Christianity" (like in Ireland, and Britain after the Romans left but before the Saxons showed up) or different "Gnostic" groups like the Arians, Cathars and Bogomils in mainland Europe. These peoples usually became targets of brutal Papal Inquisitions and Crusades and genocides targeting "pagans" "witches" and "heretics," and thousands of people were persecuted and killed over the centuries in the name of the Church.

And that's the “Thousand Year Elven Holocaust” in a nutshell.

Ultimately, it seems like the whole Dragon Court phenomenon has been defined by a binary worldview regarding Nick’s feelings about humanity as a whole:

1. Either the bulk of humanity are stupid, easily programmable drones who will never have the capacity to rewrite their own programming (in essence, become Magicians) and will always need to be told what to do, and the best any Dragon (Magician) can do for them is to be a Benevolent Steward or Overlord and not a Dictator or Tyrant, or:

2. We can show people that it’s possible for them to "rewrite their own programming" or define their own reality instead of allowing it to be defined or rewritten by others: and we are not only capable of showing them that this is possible, we are obligated to do so. As Robert Anton Wilson says,

“Of course there are robots among us. There are also Magicians among us. I think we take turns playing each role, as a matter of fact. The Magician defines a reality-mesh and the robot lives in it. Grok?”

- Robert Anton Wilson

There was someone who embodied this opposite viewpoint on the old dragoncourt dot org forum, who posted under the handle Black Lion. Black Lion was a student of G.I. Gurdjieff’s “Fourth Way” teachings. His self-appointed duty on the forum was to direct any newcomer who had just read Nick’s Essays or The Dragon Legacy to Gurdjieff’s book Beelzlebub’s Tales To His Grandson. He's awesome and was just genuinely kind to everyone there.

And maybe Nick was referring people to The First And Last Freedom by Jiddu Krishnamurti because he hoped it might help people redefine their programming. The thing is, I do think people are aware that their reality mesh is being defined for them. But there's no "Red Pill" that will unplug us from "The Matrix" of existing within the consumer capitalist framework where they have a family to support and rent and bills to pay.

People can see their puppet strings. They know that people who maybe don't have their best interests at heart are defining the reality mesh in which they live. It's just a question of whether or not they feel like there's anything they can personally do about it. This is one reason why conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists are so insisious, because they capitalize on people's anxiety about this. It's easier to chose between one of the many reality-meshes already available - which leaves them vulnerable to grifters, conspiracy theorists and other cultural terrorists.

Conspiracy theories give people a sense of knowing what's "really going on" and a scapegoat to blame if they feel like they don't have a lot of agency in their lives, instead of helping them gain any actual agency or anything else they actually need. Because believe it or not, conspiracy theorists typically support and benefit from the status quo, in that they redirect people's anger and attention away from the true source of the problem.

When people feel so disenfrachined and disempowered, there is a tendency to imagine a time when things might be different and better. People with a reactionary mindset tend to imagine this as having been in the distant past, and believe that the best we can do is to recreate that situation as closely as possible in the present. Many become Accelerationists who hope for the collapse of modern society and technology altogether, in many cases because they imagine that they will be at the top of the food chain once things have descended to the level of post-apocalyptic tribes warring over gasoline in the desert.

In 2012 while the slap fight between Nicholas de Vere and Charles Johnson was going on, I talked to one of Nick’s associates who had been a part of his 1990s Dragon Court over Facebook Messenger. This person assured me that there was nothing to worry about, inferring that environmental collapse was inevitable and that it would “take care of the Noisy Ones.”

I did the Facebook Messenger equivalent of nodding politely and then closed the chat window. I'm not sure if this was an opinion which was also shared by Nick and the other members of his offline Dragon Court from the 1990s, or just this one person. But my feelings regarding this exchange were as follows:

First off: how do you know you won’t be snuffed out along with the “noisy ones?”

And two: I didn’t ditch one shitty accelerationist doomsday cult (Evangelical Christianity) just to get caught up in another one. This was when I finally stepped back from the doings of the Dragon Court entirely for about six years or so.

Ultimately, I think Nick was hoping to garner enough like-minded supporters and cash to establish Drakenberg as an actual sovereign nation, and then to go live there off the grid and as far away from Neurotypicals or any other machines - biological or otherwise - as he could get in the hope that he and his “Grail Kingdom” would be spared the worst of the expected oncoming cataclysm. If the Dragon Court didn't already exist, he would have to invent it.

4. "In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming."

"It's the ganja," Molly said, when Case told her the story. "They don't make much of a difference between states, you know? Aerol tells you it happened, well it happened to him. It's not like bullshit, more like poetry. Get it?"

- William Gibson, Neuromancer.

Nick's essays From Transylvania To Tunbridge Wells and The Origin Of The Dragon Lords Of The Rings weren't handed to him by Enki on the summit of Mt. Sinai, after all. Those essays and the book that resulted from them was his own take on the whole "Dragon Current," filtered through his own personal speculation, opinions, and biases. Just as this essay is a product of mine.

My own personal search for verifiable proof of the historical existence of the Dragon Court started in 2005 after Nick's sepration from Dragoncourt dot org. I had been attempting to reverse-engineer Nicholas de Vere's own thought process, to try and seperate the stuff that had been his own opinions from the stuff which at one point had been other peoples' opinions; and then determine what bits come from his own channeled information, which most likely could not be corroborated anywhere.

I wanted proof that this wasn't some kind of mass hallucination of folle à deux situation which had originated entirely with Nicholas de Vere and his imagination - and that the similarities to the "teen Otherkin Coven" I had been a part of weren't just coincidental. It wasn't that I had a problem connecting to the "Dragon Consciousness," but that I have a problem accepting my own experiences as being valid enough. Nick's assertion that having "definitive geneological/genetic proof" didn't appear to be "working" for me, because as someone with a lifelong neurological disorder that affects my impulses and behavior, I tend to discount my intuition and instincts.

My friend, the ringleader of our "Teen Otherkin Coven" told us nearly the same story in 1993-1994 that I read later in Nick's essays; and she eventually followed the path of Dianic/Correllian Wicca because it was the closest equivalent she could find in modern times. I showed her Nicholas de Vere and Laurence Gardner's material, and she nodded politely and continiued on that path. So much for "A New Age Critique!"

But does it "work?" Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again? Like everything else, it depends on the subjective experiences of the people trying to work with it.

For example: occultists have been reporting encounters with Cthulhu and the “Eldritch Horrors” H.P. Lovecraft wrote about, because 1. Once they entered the public’s imagination and the collective unconscious, they became cultural symbols and memetic Godforms, and 2. H.P. Lovecraft was taking inspiration from currently existing memetic cultural symbols and Godforms which already existed in the collective unconscious, like Dagon and Nodens. Yes Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep were "invented" by HP Lovecraft: but they can be said to be "real" insofar as they exist within the collective unconscious (or are new names for things that were already there) interacting with people and influencing their behavior in the "real world."

Nodens was a "real god" of the British Celtic tribes in ancient times (who knew him as Nudd) who was adopted by the Romans when they came to Britain. My own Celtic Dobunni ancestors worshiped him at places like the temple at Lydney Park in Gloucestershire. It's is still there. You can go visit it today. He corresponds with Enki in several ways: 1. Sea or Water god, the “Old Man Of The Sea” archetype. 2. God of wisdom and healing. 3. Seen as a protector of humanity.

He is an example of what happens when cultural stories that were recontextualized and reinterpreted as their belief systems spread via cultural transmission across the early world, and in many cases became combined with other godforms and their symbols via syncretism. Then Nodens was incorporated into the Lovecraft Mythos.

H.P. Lovecraft had a knack for worldbuilding, for putting his own spin on pre-existing myths and combining them with his own creations. All too often, his stories were expressions of his crippling xenophobia/racial anxiety and Fear Of The Other. The stated plot of the Outer Gods and their agents is to invade Earth and replace humanity, which sounds like a cosmic horror version of modern white supremacists' deranged, hysterical ravings about the "great replacement." But so many people since then have read his works, which luridly describe "eldritch terrors which mankind was not meant witness, and secrets which mankind was not meant to know" and think to themselves, "that sounds cool as fuck."

One of HP Lovecraft's greatest influences was Arthur Machen: brilliant horror writer (but unfortunately also an admitted fascist) who wrote thrillers about "degenerate horrors" meant to terrify audiences; I think those audiences might have found themselves rooting for the "horrors" more often than not. It's great when dog-whistle racism backfires so spectacularly.

Writer and Chaos Magician Robert Anton Wilson took the idea of the Merovingians being descended from a sea creature, and ran with it all the way into Lovecraft territory in his book The Widow's Son, portraying the Merovingians and their descendents as Deep Ones. And yes. This is my favorite of all the Merovingian-related conspiracy theories, even if it’s from a work of fiction which makes light of conspiracy theories. Hell. Yes.

This seems to be the age-old dilemma: how to spread hysterical fearmongering propaganda about The Other, without making The Other sound rad as hell. Because, Dragons: we're the "Other." We're the "Eldritch Abominations." If we're the reality behind the symbolism that J.R.R. Tolkien invoked with characters like Galadriel and Elrond and Aragorn, we're also the reality behind the symbolism of characters like Wilbur Whateley and his brother, Pickman's Model, and the images glimpsed in the Strange High House In The Mist and in the Dreams In the Witch House. We're the Deep Ones; but also the Children of Nodens, sybolically speaking. The IRL Tribes Of The Moon.

When we juxtapose the bleatings about the "great replacement" against the real genocides and inquistions and atrocities which were inflicted upon the peoples who have been scapegoated throughout history, it makes sense to come to the conclusion that with the bleaters, every accusation is a confession. They're the ones who have been framing this as a "LIFE OR DEATH STRUGGLE BETWEEN THE LIGHT AND THE DARKNESS FOR THE SOULS OF MANKIND" for centuries now. We just want to live our lives. And to party.

Also, this is a call to the Bleaters: it's time to wake up from your night terrors. Consider this: if W.E Liddell is right, those "Witch-Priestess Clan-Mothers" of Old Europe already won the game when they put their plan into motion up to five thousand years or so ago and bred with the incoming Proto-Indo Europeans.


Chances are that you're one of us anyway and you've already realized this on a subconscious level. It's already in your mitochrondrial DNA. This is what your terror of "degenerates" or "the bloodline of Satan" and "serpent DNA" and "the Mark Of Cain" or "The Mark Of The Beast" is really all about.


H.P. Lovecraft himself must have understood this, as this appears as a theme in so many of his stories. Just something to think about.

And as for the recent Evangelofascist accusations of "child grooming" and "adrenochrome harvesting" and the return of the Satanic Panic, it behooves us to remember that these accusations are being made against the reality of evidence of the mass victimization of children in the Catholic and Protestant Churches being revealed on a daily basis: and that with these guys, every accusation is a confession. I really don't have anything else to say about this, except that you can look at all of the people currently fleeing Churchianity over its toxicity and the resulting religious trauma, and all the instances of actual child abuse which have taken place within Churchianity, and see which group gets off on hurting kids.

It also seems weirdly precient that when he discussed the topic ritual menstrual blood consumption, (something I think he may have picked up from Kenneth Grant) Nicholas de Vere insists that the product is useless unless the "donor" is 100% consenting to the situation, because any trace of cortisol, adrenochrome or "fear chemicals" renders it absolutely worthless for magickal use.

5. Whom Does the Grail Serve?

As of right now, I still have not found any trace of Andrew Rothovius’s articles from the May and August 1977 issues of East - West Magazine, other than references to them in other works by other authors. Sometimes it really does feel like someone is trying to bury the information about the 17th-century "Dragon Society" of which Henry Adams was a member under the insane loads of bullshit which descended upon pop culture during the heyday of the Da Vinci Code, and the political situation which existed when it was released. Like someone wants the bullshit to be everywhere and readily available and inundating people all the time to the point where it’s impossible to get away from it.

What's a more effective way of trying to hide information; trying to censor or supress the truth (which will make people curious and perhaps inspire them to seek it out, aka the "Streisand Effect,") or flooding the zone with so much bullshit that even the most "clear-sighted" people have trouble determining which end is up?

The world needs the Grail right now. But who is served if the Grail Mythos is buried under metric shittons of bullshit? Who is served by the propagation of conspiracy theories, by the noise to signal ratio being mostly noise?

Who, indeed?

I think that deep down we in the occult and esoteric subcultures fear and reject science and the scientific method because we’re terrified that it will destroy all of our biases, tell us that all of our subjective experiences are wrong, and that Magic(k) is just a figment of our imaginations. But we have to realize that there are hard truths and untruths, we must remember to exercise critical thinking, and we must learn to accept that any bias that doesn’t pass the litmus test deserves to be destroyed - while remembering Shakespeare’s line that "there are more things in heaven and Earth than exist in your philosophy." As always, we walk the line between these viewpoints, just as we walk the line between these worlds.

And I think this is why I obsessed over finding any way to externally verify any of Nicholas de Vere’s claims in his essays and in The Dragon Legacy from 2004 on. This initiative was actually a major driving force of the people on the old dragoncourt dot org forum after Nick left. We had a feeling that the "Dragon Narrative" or "Dragon Curent" was "real" in some way. But after the fallout between Nick and Tracy and Richard and Bill, and after the revelation that at least part of the narrative had been blown out of the water with the Priory Of Sion hoax, people wanted proof that this thing that they had invested their time and energy and belief in was real.

And "source: trust me bro" or: "believe me, because these other conspiracy theories say so" or "this sketchy white supremacist pseudohistorian said so" or "Nick is the Grail King and he said so" or "Satan made Tracy the Grand Master, and she said so" was not going to cut it.

Some of this desire was self-serving; people wanted to know what the bona fides were so they could prove their own bona fides (i.e. hereditary connection to the Royal Imperial Dragon Court And Order as it existed at the time.) And this was about 10-15 years before there were online services that could match peoples' DNA with samples from long-dead royals.

And I wanted to find a way to explore this subject matter without having to constantly refer back to Nick or Tracy or Laurence. I wanted to find whatever the original sources of this materal were and then study those on my own and come to my own conclusions about it.

Apparently there was a real genetic study and tests for a "Grail gene" and there was data as a result of those tests; but those results were never made public, and no one who was involved with that back in the day knows who has that data now. Which means that someone somewhere may have access to people's private genetic data that they probably shouldn't have. But the question of what the "Dragon Gene" did and how it actually presented was a hot topic of debate on the old dragoncourt dot org forum - one that's never really been answered to anyone's satisfaction.

Finding any sort of outside verification or proof at all would be a way of redeeming the "Dragon Court" from the people who had tried to appropriate it or manipulate it for their own agenda. And if what I found out didn't back up Nick's claims, then maybe I could go forward and learn what the truth actually was. Doing so would be a way of “liberating the Dragon” as Bill Barckley put it.

Notice from the Dragon Court

While we await the wheels which grind exceedingly fine . . .

From the cowardice that dare not face new truths, From the laziness that is contented with half truth, From the arrogance that thinks it knows all truth, Good Lord, deliver me.

- A Kenyan Prayer, quoted by Webmaster Bill back in 2003.