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Someone once said that if you can't break the argument you're trying to make down into a series of bullet points, your point is too incoherent to make. It probably wasn’t the best idea to write the essays which follow while newly under the influence of ADHD medication, and then edit them relentlessly for the next few weeks once they were posted. But after ten years or so of holding my peace, I basically had a massive outpouring of feelings and thoughts about the situation, and then it was large and unwieldy enough to be split into two separate essays, the gist of which was this:

So why the hell am I “ back on my bullshit” about this? Mainly because I want to know: if the teen coven I was a part of in high school and Nicholas de Vere were “in tune with the same wavelength,” what is that “wavelength?” How does it differ from other established forms of occult or witchcraft philosophy and practice? Just what is it that we’re doing here?

For many "what we're doing here" seems to be the goal of winning the game of “Who Has The Best Genealogy,” Nicholas de Vere stressed the importance of proving one’s genealogical Bona Fides first, and that instinctual knowledge of Dragon Spirituality would somehow follow. Not Dragon Magic(k) mind you - in his estimation, only hacks and Weekend Witches seek after “magickal powers!” But if you’re confused, he recommends reading The First And Last Freedom by Jiddu Khrishnamurti, which he says is the next best thing to knowing what the Dragon Spirituality is.

This didn’t deter the supposed “Actual Dragon Court Grand Master, For Real Guys!” Tracy Twyman from casting hexes on her personal enemies and rivals (up to and including Bill Barckley and Boyd Rice) using ceremonial magick from Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible.

So yeah. This is not what I was wanting to do when I first joined the forum at dragoncourt dot org. Nor is this an attempt to "settle" the argument between the two "Hereditary Traditional Witchcraft Is Definitely A Real Thing That Exists/Nuh Uh" camps, because frankly I'm not the one to do that. What I really want to do now is establish once and for all if some kind of "Dragon" order definitively existed (all signs point to a clandestine organization in Britian in the 17th century, not connected to the "Dragon Order" established by Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg in 1408) and what about it can actually be historically proven, vs what were Nicholas de Vere's opinions or theories based on his personal gnosis.

Back in the day, the first thing many a perspective dragoncourt dot org forum member saw was this address by dragoncourt dot org webmaster and forum admin, Bill Barckley:

"The Dragon Court stands in direct opposition to all hierarchical structures of power, including world government. For all of recorded history society has been structured as a hierarchical system with a few elites at the top possessing all power. The effect of this pyramidal system of power has been that the bulk of humanity have been forced into ignorance, superstiton and slavery. The ignorance and superstition worked in the elites favor and propped up the system. Life was brutish, cruel, and short for most of history. This system of power remains in force and for most life remains brutish, cruel, and short.

The idea of an Earthly Paradise in which men should live together in a state of brotherhood, without laws and without brute labor, has haunted the human imagination for thousands of years. WIth the advent of the machine and technology the hopeless idea of an Earthly Paradise had finally become a possibility. To the elites at the top of the pyramid of power, human equality, justice, individual freedom - the fabled Earthly Paradise - was no longer an ideal to be striven after but a danger to be avoided at all costs. Why? The answer is simple, the elites would lose their power over others."

THIS. This. This pretty much sums up what the Dragon Court was all about, at least to me. A bunch of people playing “Who has the most genealogical ties to the House of Anjou” sounds like a bunch of people trying to establish a hierarchical system of power, even if just on a web forum. And hierarchial systems of power are not my bag.

Yes I paid money to online DNA services so I could prove my own bona fides. Yes, I am descended from what Nicholas de Vere, Laurence Gardner, et al describe as the “Grail Families.” For what it’s worth, I am RH negative. I was curious - and for a long time I felt like I wouldn’t be able to speak with authority on the subject unless I knew for sure. Now that I know, I’m not sure it matters as much as Nicholas de Vere and others would like it to matter. It certainly didn’t seem to matter when de Vere (and allegedly Satan himself!) named Tracy Twyman “Definitely The True, Real Actual Grand Master” of the Dragon Court.

It didn’t matter to the "Dragon Court" coven I belonged to in high school from 1993-1994. Our theory was that everyone was secretly magical, everyone is a potential witch or magician or whatever - and that centuries of persecution and inqusition by the Church, followed by the ills of modern late-stage consumer capitalism, had brainwashed people into forgetting their true nature over the last millenium. All we needed to do was to wake up and be our authentic selves, and maybe other people would start to wake up as well. Maybe it would become a movement. Or as Aleister Crowley said, "Every Man And Woman Is A Star."

Yes, it’s probably weird to still be obsessed with stuff from a group I was part of in high school. But that’s what a midlife crisis does to people.

Moving right along...