Real Talk About Nicholas de Vere and the Dragoncourt Dot Org Site.

And now that I’ve been relatively quiet about it for a decade or more, I guess it’s time to finally talk about the Dragon Court again.

A while back, this was the website where I talked about my experiences with various Occult groups and subcultures - until it wasn’t.

I hung onto this domain for a while even though I haven’t really done anything with it for a long time. In 2012 (ten years ago, LOL) I’d planned to do a major site revamp, but other than experimenting with new CSS3 features, and then trying to use it as a blog for a few months in 2018, it stayed static for years. I was that burnt out. I had been burnt out for a long time.

Discovering neocities dot org got me back into website building as a hobby. I’d learned how to make a site that didn’t look like it belonged on Geocities anymore - but frankly, where’s the fun in that? I wasn’t trying to sell anything, be it books, noble titles, or access to articles from a paywalled subscription-only website. I wasn't trying to promote an Online Secret Society. I was just talking about my experiences with the people who were trying to do that, or had tried to do that in the past. If anything, *not* looking like it was trying to be any of those things was one of the (only) things my old website had going for it.

If some of my rhetoric here sounds kind of “salty” (as The Kids are saying now) it’s because I’ll be writing about things that I was “salty” about in the past, and it’s had this long to sit unexpressed in my subconscious. Some of this is stuff I’ll probably always be “salty” about to some extent. I’ve had to learn to be okay with that.

I also acknowledge that a lot of the people I’m still salty about have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and as such are not around anymore to offer a rebuttal of their own; and are survived by friends and family who still love and care for them. Please know that I’m trying to proceed with consideration for them.

This isn’t intended to be a judgemental hatchet job. A lot of what happened was down to the fact that things were a bit more chaotic on the Old Internet circa the early 2000s. We were all still figuring out how (and how not) to interact on what was still a massive uncharted digital space. In many ways, it was a lot like the Wild West. With cat pictures. And animated gifs. My purpose for posting this here is not to cause more strife, but because none of this should ever be forgotten.

Back in 2012 on an older version of this site, I quoted what felt like a truism at the time: “The Internet Never Forgets.” Except that it does. So much content from that time has been lost. Maybe in some cases that’s a good thing, but there are some things that should be remembered, so that the same mistakes aren’t made in the future.

If the Internet Gods brought you to this site today, you may or may not be familiar with Nicholas de Vere and his essays (From Transylvania To Tunbridge Wells, and The Origin Of The Dragon Lords Of The Rings) or his book The Dragon Legacy. Or you might be familiar with Laurence Gardner and the books Bloodline Of The Holy Grail, Genesis Of The Grail Kings, Realm Of The Ring Lords, etc. Or you may just be wondering what the eff this all is about.

Both The Dragon Legacy and the essay it was based on opens up with a giant multi-chapter rant about New Age and Wicca, which is kind of a microcosm of the complaints that Traditional Witchcraft Practitioners have made about "Reconstructionist" Witchcraft traditions that began during the early 20th century and hit critical mass during the 1980s and 1990s.

Criticism of "fluffy bunny Wiccans" and "New Age Flakes" was rampant then, but a lot of the beliefs and behavior that Trad Witches were criticizing really had to do with how New Agers and Wiccans were processing or dealing with the "Satanic Panic," which was well underway during that time; as well as the long history of Witch persecutions which preceded it.

Some Traditional Witches take issue with the claim made by Wiccans, that "we don't believe in Lucifer/The Devil because we don't believe in the Christian Myth" but I think this itself was a defense against the Satanic Panic. A deflection of the common accusation of "Devil worship," and the acts of persecution and violence which typically follows such accusations.

It may also bean attempt to jettison the whole Christian paradigm and do something entirely new with Witchcraft, even if many people believed they were getting into a centuries-old tradition with roots going back to the old pagan religions which existed before Christanity. Advances in archeology have given us a clearer window into the ancient past than ever before, so it may be that we'll soon be capable of something more than a re-imagining of ancient belief systems.

And I want to state right away that I don’t think Witch Blood is a prerequisite for being a Magician or a Witch or an Occultist of any kind, if that’s your thing. “Magickal Elitism” sucks. (Elitism of any kind sucks, really.) Everyone should be able to practice Magic(k) if they want. Study and practice are what makes anyone a good practitioner. Witch Blood just makes you predisposed to being one.

It's the difference between someone who seems to have an inborn knack for a certain skill vs someone who develops a skill after long a long period of study and practice and trial and error. But even the "Witch Blooded" need to study and practice. It's study and practice that makes one proficient. Like the difference between being a Wizard or a Sorcerer in Dungeons and Dragons.

Or to paraphase George Lucas: Anakin Skywalker had more midichlorians than maybe any Jedi before or since. Obi Wan Kenobi actually didn't have a lot of midichlorians; but when it was important, he had the high ground.

What the "Witch Blood" can do is make the Witch-Blooded yearn for Magick in their lives. And if it doesn’t have an outlet, it’ll make one.

PART 1. About Me. (OR: A Response To Nicholas de Vere's rant "A New Age Critique" or "A New Age Critique" Critique?)

I first heard of the Dragon Court, and the “Dragon” or “Grail” Witch bloodlines by name in the summer of 1999 when I found Laurence Gardner’s Nexus articles online, but I’d been familiar with the concepts it encompassed since my teens. It was kind of a meme that was in the process of disseminating itself, and it had already gotten to me in other various forms before I'd heard of the "Dragon Court."

I believed in Magic(k) as a child, but living in the Bible Belt and growing up during the Satanic Panic, I was indoctrinated to fear what was basically my own heritage. But it kept calling to me, regardless. My family was one of those that "Supernaturally Interesting" stuff happened to on occasion. It made me wonder if there was something to the phenomenon of "Witch Blood." My Dad's family are Scots-Irish and Welsh originally, and had settled in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas; my Mom's family are Swiss-Alsatian, German, Scots-Irish, and English.

But we were in Texas, and it was the 1980s. My Mom was raised Episcopalian, but her family also had a long tradition of men being Freemasons and women being in the Order of the Eastern Star. As a young adult she had rebelled against both Protestantism and Masonic practice to become a Hippie and a "New Age" type occult practitioner, afflicted by occasional flashes of very strong (and as she describes it, often very unsettling and inconvenient) precognition. She had returned to the bosom of the Church during the Jesus Movement (The "Jesus People, aka "Jesus Freaks") after a frightening experience which had left her badly shaken. My father and my mother had split by the time I was four.

We had Mike Warnke’s cassette tapes on constant rotation in the family car, because at the time he was kind of the Pope of Jesus Freak Ex Occultists - even if he was lying through his teeth about the latter. (Yes I've heard The Last Podcast On The Left's podcast about him - and if you haven't, go listen; it's so cathartic.)

We were taught to fear and avoid popular Rock & Roll music, trick or treating on Halloween, fantasy fiction, Dungeons and Dragons, our friends who were LGBTIQ+/ourselves if we were LGBTIQ+, and our friends who smoked brickweed and dropped weak bathtub acid behind the bleachers after school. Chick Tracts were foisted upon us after every church service.

We were told to watch out for "stranger danger," i.e. devil worshippers and drug pushers and child molesters, even as we (or people we knew) were being victimized by grownups we knew from church who were trusted family friends. People talked a great deal about God's love for humanity. But the actual message was one of constant terror and abject submission to authority, demanding constant hypervigilance on our part because "Satan" was out to get us - and that God would send us straight to Hell for all eternity if we put a foot out of line.

I know there are plenty of good people who are Christians out there who sincerely follow Jesus’s teachings of compassion and mercy, but in my opinion the institution of the Church itself - Catholic or Protestant - is corrupted and toxic. That's just my experience, maybe yours is different.

We spent so much time between different churches when I was growing up (“maybe THIS one won’t have toxic people! Maybe it’ll be okay this time!”) Then, my Mom finally decided this was wack, and let us do our own thing. That was when I met other people trying to recover from religious trauma with varying success. For many people, it’s a lifelong process.

I got into a Teen Witch Otherkin coven in the fall of 1993, but after about nine months the group fell apart; partially due to religious trauma, and partially for other reasons that I'll go intoshortly. And in the midst of all this, the Dragon Court as a memetic concept was seeping our consciousness, if indeed it wasn’t there already.

Here’s the first thing I disagree with Nicholas de Vere/Weir about: Wicca and “New Age” Magickal practice. Back in the 1990s, if you came from “Witch Blood” or were even just curious about the occult in an oppressive environment where exploration of one’s heritage or interests are not only discouraged but violently suppressed, "New Age" stuff or “fluffy bunny Wicca” as it is commonly called, was often the first and only kind of practice you had access to. And this specific type of "fluffy bunnyism" in general developed almost entirely as a reaction to the "Satanic Panic."

Early Wiccan writers like Doreen Valiente and Gerald Gardner himself knew, or eventually came to the realization (in Doreen Valiente's case) that they were not practicing "Witchcraft" like the ancients did, and that Wicca is a modern phenomenon that takes inspiration from ancient belief systems.

The backlash against the claim or the idea that Wicca was an unbroken tradition going back hundreds of years was mostly already in the progress at the same time Nicholas de Vere was writing his essays lambasting it. But as right-wing reactionary attitudes surged in the 1980s and 90s (particularly in America) it was probably safer to try to divorce the idea of Witchcraft from the Christian paradigm entirely - instead of lean hard into it, like Nicholas de Vere and a lot of "Left Hand Path" people did.

Wicca does project a friendly, sanitized image compared with Traditional Witchcraft - and when you’re a traumatized teen from the Bible Belt, that might be what you want, if you don’t gravitate towards Theatrical Gothic Heavy Metal Satanism instead. Which is what seems to have happened with Nicholas de Vere’s associate Tracy Twyman. According to her associate Sean Alger, who says:

"She was raised as a christian and it was the ‘satanic panic’ of the 80s-90s that fired her up to take the path she did. Because she was what we’d now call “Goth/depressive” she felt personally attacked and misunderstood when the Satanic Panic thing was in full swing."

We were personally attacked and misunderstood though. That was not anyone's imagination. If you were a "goth/depressive" or any other type of outsider, it was kind of a bad time. That's what led so many of us to act out in the kinds of ways that Tracy Twyman appeared to be acting out in. The satanic panic ruined innocent lives. The fact that the it seems to be coming back is really concerning to a lot of us.

Scapegoating of social outcasts as a form of authoritarian social control is the goal of the Satanic Panic any time it re-emerges. It creates in-group/out-group dynamics: "be afraid of those strange outsiders who are not like us, and ignore the toxic elements in your own community" as a way of manipulating people into not resisting those toxic elements. It's a tactic of browbeating people into accepting forms of abuse or control by claiming the alternative or the "other side" is "worse."

People in the "out-group" are typically demonized through accusations of 1. blood-drinking or cannibalism, and 2. the sexual predation and the victimization of children. (Qanon, anyone?)

But seriously: the Christian Church (Catholic AND Protestant) is guilty of both. Seriously, think about it. The "Satanic Panic" is and always has been a form of projection.

The scandal over sexual abuse in the Catholic Church broke out on the heels of the 1980s Satanic Panic, and I don't think that was an accident. It's happening again just as an epidemic of sex pests are being exposed within the rank and file of the Protestant church denominations, and people are falling for the same exact bullshit artistry as before. Authoritarians and reactionaries have been using these tactics for centuries to target "social undesirables" because people are still falling for them and they still work.

I knew plenty of people who rebelled against the Satanic Panic by actually becoming Luciferians or Anton LaVey-style Satanists, but that wasn’t my jam. As a kid recovering from religious trauma and the imgagined Hellfire and Brimstone of the Satanic Panic, I wanted to hear that the Goddess loves everyone and doesn’t send anyone to Hell, and that the Devil doesn't exist because he's a boogeyman invented by the Church. Some people need that paradigm. And when the “Fluffy Bunny” reconstructionist Witchcraft/New Age paradigm is all you’ve got, it’s all you’ve got.

Before the Teen Otherkin/Witch coven I was a part of imploded, We had been studying Donald Michael Kraig’s Modern Magick, which is kind of like Golden Dawn-style ritual Magick for Absolute Beginners. And it’s great. I recommend it. But before that, I was just...doing things. Things that my intuition told me were correct.

I called it "Chaos Magick." No one told me that this was what I was doing. In 1994 I hadn’t read any of the literature that existed about Chaos Magick yet. I was a fan of Michael Moorcock’s Elric saga, and that’s probably how the phrase kind of just popped into my brain.

Basically, our Teenage Otherkin Coven had belived that "Elves" of ancient myth and legend had started out as spiritual beings incarnated in human bodies. "Vampires" were really the same species; ones that were maybe not as kindly disposed to regular humans as their "Elven" siblings, sort of like the Seelie/Unseelie dichotomy of Scottish folklore. Their human-hybrid descenants were the old Royal Families created and appointed by the "Bornless One" to be the stewards of Earth and mankind. They were natural magicians due to their partially-divine origins. The Davidic bloodline, including Jesus, had been among their descendants. Jesus and Lucifer were more like contentious brothers than enemies; in fact, they WERE brothers according to our cosmology. The Grail Maiden was the Bride of Christ, not the Church.

After centuries of persecution by the Church, and most recently the Nazis (who'd misapproproated "Elven" and "Grail" symbolism even as they were killing the descendants of the Elves who were still in Europe in the death camps along with other "social undesirables") they were hidden and lost and scattered; and in many cases had entirely forgotten or barely remembered who they were. Our group consisted of some of the ones who remembered.

Our goals were to 1. study Magick and 2. find others. There was no long-term goal or master plan beyond that; but the implication was that once Elves' descendants remembered their true identities and "woke up," we would be the catalyst for the human race to remeber that everyone theoretically had access to magic and ESP, we were all connected, and people would start to reject both modern-day neoliberal consumer capitalism and the type of authoritarian "red communism" which had plagued much of the world until the fall of the USSR, and look for something better. The phenomenon would eventually hit critical mass and be enough of a disruption of status-quo society that change would be inevitable.

Obviously, the roleplaying games by White Wolf (VAMPIRE: The Masquerade, WEREWOLF: The Apocalypse, CHANGELING: The Dreaming, etc.) which were being published around this time were hugely influential (though the first edition of Changeling came out a whole year or so after our group had fallen apart) but we took them as a sign that other people were aware that things like Elves and Werewolves and Vampires really existed in a sense, and people were trying to "seed" the concept out there among the masses.

30 years later, with the benefit of maturity (I hope) and hindsight, I would instead like to suggest that perhaps all of these concepts were "having a moment of cultural significance" in that current zeitgeist, and we were pulled right along with it.

Yes, this seems obviously dorky and credulous now, ("cringe" as the kids today would say) but we were teenagers, and we were desperate for something like this to actually be true. Because the idea of "growing up" to enter the workforce as complacent serfs - the same workforce that we as kids had watched grind our working class parents into a fine powder all throughout our childhoods - was abhorrent to us, even back during a time when people could still afford things like food and house payments or rent on a regular paycheck.

At the time, there was no discussion of ever going public about any of this stuff because it was assumed that there were still "government agencies" watching for us who would shut us down just like they'd tried to shut down the countercultural and civil rights movements of the 60s if we attracted attention to ourselves. We had to rebel, but we felt the need to be discrete about it. Our conversations were peppered with "coded language." Outwardly, we looked like a bunch of weird goths and Renaissance Festival enthusiasts, but we were clandestine about what it was that we were actually doing after school and at slumber parties.

After several months, the group imploded as we started to experience a chain reaction of weird psychological breakdowns, like every disorder or trigger or trauma or hangup we'd ever experienced suddenly went off at once - for all of us, all within the same time period.

This implosion, when it happened, resulted in one of the worst "friend breakups" I ever experienced, and caused a legitimate nervous breakdown that ended up with me being sent to a psychiatrist, who diagnosed me with Purely Obessional ("Pure O") OCD.

But due to the fact that the pagan and conspiracy theorist circles kind of overlapped, my sister had already read about and talked about things like MK Ultra and Project Stargate, and The X Files was a hot new show on the TV that we all watched every week. Influenced by these factors, I became convinced that we had been discovered and were being "taken care of" by whatver shadowy government agency had been set up to deal with people like us.

Now I wonder if we weren't just all succumbing to a kind of "subliminal social programming" for what was "supposed to happen" to kids like us who "played around with magic" if that makes sense. (This seems to be a real phenomenon - occult writer Paul Huson even attempts deprogram readers of it early on in his book Mastering Witchcraft.)

OR: maybe we all got stuck in the Chapel Perilous. Let me explain:

According to the Wikipedia Article,

"The term chapel perilous first appeared in Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur (1485) as the setting for an adventure in which sorceress Hellawes unsuccessfully attempts to seduce Sir Lancelot."

However, the term has come to have a different meaning in Occult/Chaos Magick circles, as the article goes on to explain:

"Chapel perilous" is also a term referring to a psychological state in which an individual is uncertain whether some course of events was affected by a supernatural force, or was a product of their own imagination. It was used by writer and philosopher Robert Anton Wilson in his 1977 book Cosmic Trigger. According to Wilson, being in this state leads the subject to become either paranoid or an agnostic. In his opinion there is no third way."

The term "chapel perilous" was used by Antero Alli, in his 1986 book, Angel Tech: A Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection which is based on Timothy Leary's eight-circuit model of consciousness. In Alli's book chapel perilous is a rite of passage, when moving between the four lower circuits of consciousness to the higher circuits.

It seems to me, however, that for many practicioners there may come a moment in which they are thrown into some kind of crisis brought on by their involvement with Magick use, in which they must face or overcome certain hangups or mental blocks before they can progress. This can be what Chaos Magick practictions refer to as "a Choronzon" (as opposed to THE Choronzon.)

"In one post-Crowleyan interpretation, Choronzon represents the internal chaos experienced when the ego confronts a higher mode of being which, the ego feels, threatens its destruction. It is the bargaining and trickery of the ego trying (desperately) to retain control of the self." (From this site.)

Basically, working with Magick often causes the practictioner to access or connect or interface with energies and states of mind much greater than they are as an individual, or above their current state of experience. A person can come away very changed by these experiences, but it can also cause the Ego to whine, "but what AM I if I'm not ME?" throwing the practictioner into a crisis as it tries to maintain control of the practiontioner's mind and personality.

Now consider the fact that a lot of "Heavy Metal Satanists" believe that their Ego is actually a god worthy of worship, and you start to see the problem. You get people who think they're on the way to becoming a living god themselves, but really they're trapped in a hall of mirrors of their Ego's own devising. They never get out of the Chapel Perilous.

Sometimes this crisis takes the form of a complete psychological breakdown. Sometimes, in an attempt to not only preserve itself but also to hijack the whole magician, the Ego works to mislead the practitioner, telling them that they're The Super Awesome Chosen One Foretold By The Prophesy. The former may be what happened to us in 1994; and as for the latter, I think it's very relevant to what happened later in regards to Nicholas de Vere, Tracy Twyman, and the Dragon Court.

Our problem was maybe that we essentially speedran through a lot of the basics of what I eventually understood to be "Chaos Magick," to a point like Grant Morrison (who is a Chaos Magician himself) describes in his comic book The Invisibles in Volume 7 The Invisible Kingdom, where we were creating sets of personality constructs (which we called "Shards") to interface with different levels of consciousness.

[Note: this volume of the comic wasn't yet published in 1994, and I didn't see it until years after all of this was taking place. So...yeah.]

And maybe that was advanced shit we weren't actually ready for yet. Looking back, it's easy to see why that could have caused us all to be under psychological distress. When our Egos wailed, "What AM I if I'm not ME?" We were like "which ME?" and maybe that wasn't what our Egos wanted to hear at the time, and we weren't mentally prepared for the psychological fallout that ensued.

Or heck, maybe it was some kind of psychic attack from some shadowy government black ops team, who knows.

Why am I sharing all this stuff? Well, through all of the "LOL we're so random!!!" teen whimsicality and drama, there was a mythos which had been imparted to us by our "Grail Maiden" which would correspond with a lot of the stuff I would read in Laurence Gardner's and Nicholas de Vere's works five years later.

But way back then in the early 1990s, the aesthetics and the spirit of the 1960s were enjoying a sort of resurgence. it had seemed like my Mother’s generation had been on the verge of a magnificent breakthrough, a resurgence of transcendent thought and art and creativity and personal freedom and expression. But then the 80s happened, Ronald Reagan happened, things got really hairy for a while with the Cold War, and the AIDS epidemic happened. This was the oppressive and often horrific reality that I had grown up in.

But I kept hearing stories of the glorious cultural revolution of the 1960s, Height-Ashbury, Woodstock, Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, Timothy Leary, the Merry Pranksters, all of it. And my whole life, I was asking “what happened? Why did the cultural revolution fail?” What had caused the Boomer generation to betray everything that they had claimed to believe in, and go right back to being obedient reactionary consumer-serfs?

Doesn’t it seem like so much happened to just shove that transcendent renaissance of the 1960s and 70s right back into the box? Doesn’t it seem like there was a backlash of hatred, bigotry, superstition, religious fundamentalism, right wing authoritarianism disguised as “American Freedom,” (two words which are diametrically opposed to one another) that was equal or greater to the brief expression of true freedom which had just come before it?

The films of Panos Cosmatos (Beyond The Black Rainbow and Mandy) depict the failure of the "Boomer Cultural Revolution" as an ongoing theme. Reading Hunter S. Thompson and Philip K. Dick and Tom Wolfe (The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test) answered some of those questions for me. Learning about The War On Drugs answered even more. Hippie burnouts described the disillusionment of being come down on hard by The Man for the crimes of free love and smoking dope, then seeing the symbols of their rebellion misappropriated and marketed back to them by consumer capitalism ("I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac."

It had seemed like the thing to do was to try and jumpstart a new cultural revolution to pick up where the other one had left off - but when it came down to it, we were just a handful of psychologically damaged teenage weirdos in Texas in the early 1990s. The eschaton was not going to be so easily immanetized by the likes of us. I entered my twenties with a crushing sense of disillusionment, and a need to prove that what we had experienced was somehow valid, nonetheless.

Part 2: Here Be Dragons?

"I think you screwed up, Case. I showed up and you just fit me right into your reality picture.".

- from Neuromancer, by William Gibson

Five years after this, I found Laurence Gardner’s Nexus articles and Mediaquest” website online, including a much-abridged version of Nicholas de Vere’s Dragon Court essays, which would later appear on his own website.

And it was close enough to what we had believed as a part of the "Teen Otherkin Coven" that it immediately clicked and felt like the validation and vindication of everything that my friends and I had been trying to express, or had been on the verge of bringing to the forefront of our consciousness, back in the early 1990s. For a long time I had wondered if we had just experienced some kind of group hallucination. Then I read this:

"Many books talk about the hermetic school of Tuthmosis III of Egypt, who reigned about 1450 BC. But it is not generally known that the school he originally inherited was the Royal Court of the Dragon. This had been founded by the priests of Mendes in about 2200 BC and was subsequently ratified by the 12th dynasty Queen Sobeknefru.

This sovereign and priestly Order passed from Egypt to the Kings of Jerusalem; to the Black Sea Princes of Scythia and into the Balkans - notably to the Royal House of Hungary, whose King Sigismund reconstituted the Court just 600 years ago. Today it exists as the Imperial and Royal Court of the Dragon Sovereignty, and after some 4,000 years it is the oldest sovereign Court in the world.

But what were the earliest aims and ambitions of the Order back in Pharaonic times? They were to perpetuate and advance the alchemical strength of the Royal Bloodline from Lord Enki, the Archetype.

The kings of the early succession (who reigned in Sumer and Egypt before becoming Kings of Israel) were anointed upon coronation with the fat of the Dragon (the sacred crocodile). This noble beast was referred to in Egypt as the Messeh (from which derived the Hebrew verb 'to anoint'), and the kings of this dynastic succession were always referred to as 'Dragons', or 'Messiahs' (meaning 'Anointed Ones').

In times of battle, when the armies of different kingdoms were conjoined, an overall leader was chosen and he was called the 'Great Dragon' (the 'King of Kings') - or, as we better know the name in its old Celtic form, the 'Pendragon'.

One of the interesting items from the archives of the Dragon Court is the origin of the word 'kingship'. It derives from the very earliest of Sumerian culture, wherein 'kingship' was identical with 'kinship' - and 'kin' means 'blood relative'. In its original form, 'kinship' was 'kainship'. And the first King of the Messianic Dragon succession was the biblical Cain (Kain), head of the Sumerian House of Kish.

On recognising this, one can immediately see the first anomaly in the traditional Genesis story, for the historical line to David and Jesus was not from Adam and Eve's son Seth at all. It was from Eve's son Cain, whose recorded successors (although given little space in the Old Testament) were the first great Kings (or Kains) of Mesopotamia and Egypt."

This was supposedly the "real story" behind the Nephilim from the Old Testament, extradimensional beings who mixed with humanity somehow or influenced our development. Maybe the "the veil between worlds" was thinner than it used to be - or as some have suggested, we didn't percieve a difference or any kind of seperation between the physical waking "real" world and the "Spirit World" or "Otherworld" at all. OR: maybe someone ate acid (or its stone age equivalent, probably mushrooms) and talked to God and got some lousy Chaos Magic.

But whatever happened, the "Witch Blood," the "Dragon Blood," or "Grail Bloodlines" or "The Bloodline of Cain" had resulted, and mankind got the spiritual fire that was Magick.

In ancient times, it was common for the crowned heads of the ancient world to claim some kind of descent from their pantheon of gods or Genii Locorum. The memory of these “Real Gods and Goddesses” had been preserved in their peoples’ mythology, their symbolism and stories becoming part of the Collective Unconscious.

Nicholas de Vere claims they still exist as “Forces” or “Godforms” and can be channeled by their direct descendants (and ONLY their direct descendants!) via genetic memory. He says their original descendants were the Priest-Kings and Priestess-Queens of the first civilizations, and became the basis for the Sumerian legends of the Anunnaki - and that they eventually became the inspiration for legends of the "Elves" and "Vampires" of European folklore.

Nicholas de Vere and Laurence Gardner go on to claim that the original Witches were descended from them, and their practices influenced the type of Traditional Witchcraft practiced by Witches during the Middle Ages, and the Nine Covens, the Regency and the Windsor Coven, and the Cochrane Tradition in modern times.

"Vampirism" is claimed by them to be a cultural ceremonial practice originating with the Anunnaki/Nephilim/Elves, but here's the kicker - is apparently only "works" with blood that is freely donated by consenting "victims" or the magical aspect of it doesn't even function. And all the claims of predatory Vampires (and everyone else targeted by claims of blood-drinking) were victims of Church propaganda designed to target social undesirables.

(This was what Jesus was supposedly doing, by the way, when He said we must eat His flesh and drink His blood. But ingesting blood in any context is expressly forbidden in the Torah, which is why it would have freaked the Disciples out so much - and why the Blood Libel was so insidious. The Jewish people were being accused of Vampirism by the people who were ritually committing it at Church every Sunday.)

According to de vere and Gardner, the story of the conflict between Jehovah and “Satan” originated as the Sumerian story of the conflict over the M.E. (sacred tablets of wisdom that conferred sovereignty on the holder) between Enlil and Enki, the sons of Anu. “Enki” was literally demonized by his brother via a propaganda campaign, and this is where the idea of Satan came from. But Enki was really benevolent and loved humanity, and he tried to help them when he could. Enlil was the vengeful, wrathful God of the Old Testament. Jesus was descended from Enki, and the "sin" he had saved us from was really just Enlil's unjust wrath. Enki was remembered by later peoples as the "Devil" or Horned God or Witch Lord revered by Satanists and Traditional Witches - syncretically correspondant with Azazel, the scapegoat of Hebrew lore.

So "Dragons" = "Elves" = Witches by their estimation. The thing is, one of the main points that Nicholas de Vere made in his essays and the books which resulted from them is that only "Dragon-Blooded" (essentially, Witch-Blooded) people can actually perform magic(k.) Everyone else (ESPECIALLY the Wiccans) are all just doing a form of "Witchcraft aesthetic as a lifestyle" and cultural appropriation.

This is sort of a spin on an argument that Traditional/Hereditary Witches have been making for decades. The backlash against "fluffy bunny wicca" was just hitting its stride around this time when I was diving into this stuff. The idea that there had been a "Real Original Traditional Witchcraft Practice" and that Wicca was just a cheap imitation was running rampant through local pagan groups and online newsgroups (these were the days of Usenet, IRC and early AOL.)

The idea that the "Witch Blood" is somehow descended from the Elves somehow, and that the Elves were a real people who existed, is also not a new or uncommon belief. According to Paul Huson in his book Mastering Witchcraft:

The indigenous Britons, or Prytani as they then were called, were a strange people, who buried their dead in great burial mounds, or barrows, used bronze as their only metal, and relied for weapons chiefly upon slender arrows with delicate elder-leaf-shaped flint tips. Their religion, which was connected in some way with the moon and stars, was conducted amidst stone circles, surrounded by a bank and ditch (the original witch circle, in fact). The Prytani appear to have kept very much to themselves, isolating themselves within raths, or large circular encampments, the only contact between the two races being made by the Celtic shamans, or Druids, a word probably signifying wise ones, or wizards. Much or all of the Druidic lore would appear to have been drawn from contact with the Prytani. Indeed many druids were probably born of Prytanic fathers to Celtic mothers. The legendary Merlin was maybe one such as this, born of "mortal" mother and fathered by a "devil" or "elf." In fact elves were but the Teutonic names bestowed upon the remaining Prytani five centuries later by the Germanic invaders of Britain.


By the eleventh century A.D., subsequent to successive invasions of Britain, as it was now called, by Teutonic Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes, and lastly Normans, Prytanic lore had been completely overlaid by a conglomeration of Celtic, Roman, Saxon, and finally Christian beliefs, gnostic and otherwise. The Prytani themselves, now referred to by either their Saxon epithet, Elvenfolk, or simply as People of the Heath or heathens, were rapidly dwindling into legend. The elven king and queen in their enchanted hill which opened up on the ancient holy festivals of Halloween and Beltane were fast passing out of public memory, recalled only by the wise, or as they were known in the old English tongue, the Wicce and Wicca, Wizards and Witches. The legend of the Elvenfolk's ancestry still survived, however, in heavily Christianized form. They were the remaining offspring of the fallen angels. Neither devils, like Satan and his cohorts, nor angels, but somewhere between the two. Neither good nor bad, merely indifferent.

In hindsight, I really wish I'd found Paul Huson's writings first before those of Laurence Gardner or Nicholas de Vere - particularly since, as it turns out, Laurence Gardner's master plan had been to approproate the "Dragon Court" paradigm from Nicholas de Vere in order to promote Michel Lafosse, aka "Prince Michael Stewart Of Albany" as the head of it. But I had no inkling about that at all in 1999 when I was reading this stuff of the Nexus website.

Anyway, right now I'm about to tell you The Real Secret Of The Dragon Court, which is where I majorly break with everyone who has used it to support their ideas of "Sovereignty" and "Kingship" which are actually Neo-Reactionary in Nature: our "Sovereign" ancestors were "Sovereign" because they had a covenant with The Land, Their People, and Their Gods (the Genii Locorum of the Land, whom they considered to be their ancestors) which was every bit as pre-eminent and binding as the covenant between Jehovah and the Jewish people. This was where "the Magic" of Sovereignty or Kingship supposedly came from. This is "The True Secret Of The Grail."

It wasn't a license to just do whatever they wanted with no responsibility and no accountability because you belonged to a particular bloodline. It's not what Alan Moore referred to in his work V For Vendetta as "The Land Of Do-As-You-Please" as opposed to true freedom. True freedom is inextricable from responsibility, and anyone who is not a child (or of a childlike mentality) understands this.

Whatever harm that Marion Zimmer Bradley did to the people in her personal life, there's a reason why The Mists Of Avalon was a major catalyst for the wave of "Boomer Wicca" that Nicholas de Vere scorned so scathingly; because it expressed the above concept in a way that modern people could understand. See also: John Boorman's film Excalibur.

But Nicholas de Vere claimed that his concept of Sovereignty itself is the end-all and be-all of all "real Magic," and that you have to be a "sovereign" (i.e. descended from the "Kings and Queens of the Elvenfolk," and therefore, from the Anunnaki or original Witch-people) to Do The Thing. And despite all his ranting on the subject, the main issue with his Dragon Court organization in all of its incarnations seems to be that a lot of people wanted to be told they were Sovereigns so that they could also Do The Thing.

This is not what most modern "Reconstructionist" or "Revivalist" Witches are after. In the last few centuries since The Enlightenment, people have been slowly waking up from Churchianity. A lot of them are asking questions about whatever it was that Churchianity usurped or replaced, and if it would be possible to go back to that. And thousands of people are out there doing magic (or Magick) anyway and getting results, whether Nicholas de Vere approved of it or thought they should be able to or not.

One thing I found myself asking, years after the fact, was "how did Mesopotamian and Levantine deities or entities end up being part of English and/or Scottish Traditional Witchcraft, along with or instead of Celtic or Anglo Saxon gods and goddesses? How did The Horned God become associated with “the Devil” in Traditional Witchcraft?” (I mean, by the Trad Witches themselves; I understood why The Church made that accusation.) I started to question the origins of Traditional Witchcraft in much the same way that people had started to question the supposed origins of Wicca as the "revival of the Old Religion." If it isn't the preserved remnants of the pre-Christian "Old Religion," then how and when did it start?

This question which was seemingly answered in several books I read; like The Roots Of Witchcraft by Michael Harrison (who suggests a connection with the Basque people and Basque Traditional Witchcraft) and by E.W. Liddell, in the book The Pickingill Papers;and in Michael Howard’s book The Children Of Cain, which references E.W. Liddell, The Pickingill Papers, and George Pickingill himself.

A word on The Pickingill Papers: in From Transylvania To Tunbridge Wells, Nicholas de Vere references something called "The Marshmallow papers." An associate from the old dragoncourt dot org site told me that this oblique reference was kind of a hidden code for The Pickingill Papers, which were a series of letters written by E.W. Liddell under the pen name “Lugh” to the Cauldron Magazine and other occult publications in the 1970s. These letters claimed cover the topic of the origins of Witchcraft in Europe, and Liddell’s claims that Traditional Witchcraft was an influence on both Aleister Crowley and Gerald Gardner and their respective esoteric movements. The book itself is very difficult to find these days, but there's a condensed version you can read here.

According to the linked article "Secrets Of the Nine Covens:"

"Some traditional covens honour Lucifer as the First Cause, the true saviour and redeemer.


Lucifer is viewed by the several surviving 'cunning' lodges as the indwelling divinity in the human mechanism. Only the sacred marriage between' Lucifer and Ishtar, themselves personifications of the Morning Star (i.e. the planet Venus) can implement the alchemy when the human unit is transformed into a self-perfected god. Ishtar, who is both Lucifer and the Path to Heaven, was worshipped as the goddess who confers illumination. "

Writers like Doreen Valiente, Isaac Bonewits and Adrian Bott have taken issue with E.W. Liddell and his claims; and they set the record straight about the role of Aleister Crowley and the OTO as having influenced the development of Wicca, instead of the other way around.

But even if Wicca and "Traditional Witchcraft" aren't unbroken traditions which survived from antiquity, it doesn't make them invalid. They're both expressions of a desire to get away from the paradigm of Churchianity. And whatever else I would come to think of Nicholas de Vere, Laurence Gardner, and their claims over time, the idea that the Evangelical Churchian narrative was patently false came as a massive relief to me as somone who was still dealing with religious trauma and a neurotic mental disorder that was worsened by it.

If modern "Revivalist Witchcraft" traditions are ripped off from Thelema and OTO practices as certain Thelamists and other people have asserted (and in Gerald Gardner's case they're right, it's pretty obvious that he straight-up plagarized Aleister Crowley at certain points) then it makes sense to study Thelema and OTO practices. If Thelema and OTO practices were ripped off from “Traditional Witchcraft," as certain Trad Witches claim, then again it just makes sense to study Thelema and OTO practices. It just gets you to the same place.

Regardless: when I was first reading their material, I liked the idea proposed by Nicholas de Vere and Laurence Gardner that "Satan" as such was not an evil rival of "God" who was "out to get me," but a disinherited prince of the Anunnaki who was the victim of bad press. I liked their theory that the historical Jesus was Enki's descendant and the heir to his wisdom. So I ignored the aspects of Nicholas de Vere and Laurence Gardner's narrative that seemed problematic, or that troubled me at the time, and incorporated the things that I jived with into the overall framework of my own personal paradigm.

Nicholas de Vere also frequently references the medieval Gnostic sect known as the Cathars as being a "Dragon" or "Fairy" tradition. My own exploration into Gnotisicsm led me to the works of Philip K. Dick. He takes the view that we are trapped in a decaying retrograde timeline, and entities outside our current spacetime continnum have noticed the shitty situation we are in and are actively trying to assist us. (I could go into this further, but the Philip K. Dick angle is a whole other rabbit hole which will need its own article.)

Part 3: Selling The Drama (And The Dragon Court.)

Anyway: sometime in 2000, I checked back on Laurence Gardner’s Mediaquest website to find Nicholas de Vere’s essay missing, replaced by this notice, which appeared on his own website as of September 5 of that year as per this capture from the Wayback Machine:

"NOTICE: From Sir Laurence Gardner, Chevalier de Saint Germain and Attaché to the Grand Protectorate of The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court and Order - Ordo Dragonis, Sárkány Rend, 1408.

When publishing my book 'Genesis of the Grail Kings' early in 1999, I asked a certain Nicholas de Vere to write the Foreword to that work on the understanding that he was Magister Templi of the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court in Britain by virtue of a warrant issued by the ducal House of Habsburg-Tuscany.

It subsequently came to my attention, however, that this was not the case and I learned that Nicholas de Vere's said warrant was in no way valid since the House of Habsburg-Tuscany was not at liberty, under any legal right or consideration, to issue such a document.

On behalf of the Grand Protectorate of The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court and Order, I therefore now confirm that, despite his Internet protestations and various messages to all and sundry, Nicholas de Vere is not recognized in any capacity as being attached in any manner, formally or informally, to the Hungarian establishment of Sárkány Rend. Neither is he attached or affiliated to any of its priories in other lands. His name is not recorded in the Court's registration at the High Court of Budapest, nor in any other authentic document of the Court in Britain or any other country.

In November 1999 I was required to publicly sever my association with Nicholas de Vere, while still acknowledging the help he had afforded me with certain matters of research and reimbursing him for these services. In that same month MediaQuest, who had hosted de Vere's Web site on this current page, was similarly obliged to cease all further professional association, terminating the site. At that same time, the Webmaster, Sir Adrian Wagner (Knight of the Swan by grant and ratification of the Royal House of Stewart) duly resigned from all and any de Vere affiliation.

As detailed within the main body of this current site, the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court ceremony held at the Mansion House, York, on 21 March 2000 (with Chev. Dr. Gyorgy von varhegyi Lehr, Count of Oberberg, Chancellor of the Court, in attendance) established the truth of the matter once and for all in Britain. Also present, among various officers of the Court and Order, were Chev. Dr. Andrew von Zsigmond, Baron de Lemhény, of the Hungarian Consulate, Grand Prior of the Order in Britain, and HRH Prince Michael of Albany, the Order's Protector in the English speaking world. The City of York was formally represented by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, while the Sheriff of York attended to represent HM Queen Elizabeth II."

Laurence Gardner, July 2000

Nicholas de Vere retaliated with the accusation that Laurence Gardner stole his work, and that his books Genesis Of The Grail Kings and Realm Of The Ring Lords had basically been his own material which Laurence Gardner had ripped off and published as his own works. Nicholas de Vere slammed the the Hungarian Dragon Court organization that Gardner was now affiliated with as a far right wing nationalist/white supremacist organization. (One wonders if they had any influence on Hungary's current political situation.)

By 2001, Nicholas de Vere had a new website, dragoncourt dot org. The thing was, dragoncourt dot org was itself the work of one Bill Barckley - who had not only coded the whole thing including a webforum from the ground up in for Nicholas de Vere, but who had also edited and uploaded de Vere’s essays a hundred percent for free. He paid for the whole thing out of his own pocket as a labor of love, and a desire to see Nicholas de Vere’s work reach its intended audience.


I finally found the Dragoncourt Dot Org site in late 2002, and plowed straight into the parts of Nicholas de Vere's essays that I hadn’t yet seen.

According to his own biography, Nicholas de Vere’s own father "taught him of the family’s royal Scottish origins and of its involvement with royal witchcraft within the dragon tradition, which had been passed down to Nicholas’ father by his own parents."

Nicholas de Vere was touting his Witch Blood and connection to “Royal Witch Families” almost to the point of it being some kind of “Magickal Eugenics.” The Witch-blooded people or “Dragons” were not only the rightful stewards of humanity, they were humanity's "betters" - and that basically everything in the world had started to go wrong when humanity’s Rightful Rulers were deposed in favor of rulers appointed by the Church during the Middle Ages.

In fact, several times he just comes out and says that the bulk of humanity is, by genetic defect incapable of evolving or transcending or even effectively governing themselves as a species - which is why they needed the naturally spiritually enlightened "Elven" Priest-Kings or “Dragons” to lead them. Tracy Twyman echoed this sentiment over on the part of Dagobert’s Revenge in a public section of the website that I was able to read without shelling out a subscription fee.

This went completely against everything I believe in; it still does. But I figured that those were his own personal opinions, and it didn't mean that the whole Dragon/Elf/Witch/Grail narrative thing wasn't real, it just meant that Nick and Tracy personally were folkists and elitists.

One essay I read a few years ago about Nicholas de Vere's Dragon Court phenomenon or movement online is that it "appeals to a portion of the Pagan right-wing" (I would go as far as to call some of them Reactionaries or Neo-Reactionaries), whereas the group I had belonged to was way further left on the political spectrum.

But here was someone talking about exactly the same things that the Teen Otherkin Coven I'd belonged to had been interested in, and it felt like the first real validation that we might really have been onto something! Except he kept going on about things like “Red-haired Aryan Proto-Scythians” (Proto Indo-Europeans. “Aryan” is a language group) and the ritual consumption of menstrual blood. To read his text was to be pulled into the same kind of weird "James Joyce-ian" headspace that occured later when I started reading Kenneth Grant.

Nicholas de Vere seemed to be saying that the source of all real Magickal power was the ritual consumption of the menstrual blood from "Fairy Maidens" of the "Grail Bloodlines" and that only males of this same "species" (i.e. the "Real Vampires") had the neurochemical makeup to benefit from this practice; and that these people had the ability to channel their ancestors via "genetic memory." He claimed that all other Magical practice by anyone else but people of the "Grail Families" was a useless exercise by people who had been conned by snake-oil salesmen into believing they could do Magick.

Anyway, I finally logged onto the dragoncourt dot org web forum for the very first time after reading his essays, curious to know more about whatever this was. Instead, I walked right into what looked like A Situation.

“Nick,” as the other forum users called him, was already long gone, and he was going to publish his own essays in book form with the help of Tracy Twyman, a writer in the whole "Grail Bloodlines genre" who had her own zine and website, Dagobert’s Revenge. This had caused quite the firestorm on the forum. People were split between cautious optimism, and concern that Tracy Twyman and her Ordo Lapsit Exillis (OLE) outfit had orchestrated some sort of coup.

I checked out the Dagobert’s Revenge website (now archived on the wayback machine) and it seemed odd to me that most of the articles and blog posts that I was interested in were paywalled; something that not even major news outlets online were doing yet. Anyway, I was a broke computer tech support call center employee in 2002, and laid off for the first half of 2003, and I wasn’t about to shell out for a subscription to her webzine. Nicholas de Vere was totally incommunicado with his own webmaster. Rumors about what was going on with him were flying.

Then, some months later in September 2003, his articles disappeared from Dragoncourt Dot Org entirely. They eventually replaced by two new documents: an open letter to Queen Elizabeth II from someone named Richard Dufton, and someone else’s account of Dragon descent which was never expanded upon. (Seen here at the wayback machine.)

This led to speculation that Richard Dufton had assumed control in Nick’s absence - an assumption I later echoed to people when they emailed me asking what was going on with the website during the brief time I served as a forum mod in 2005, because he was the only one related to Nick's original group who had not seemingly defected to the enemy or was not dead (see below.) That's another thing that's weird about this whole time: most of the people associated with Nick or around Nick fucking died.

I want to state for the record that for a great deal of these goings-on, members of the dragoncourt dot org forum had no idea what was going on behind the scenes other than what we were told, and we weren't being told a lot. So much of the time, the general vibe was like:

For many of the longtime members of the forum, the situation was like being startled out of a dream. The rug had been pulled out from under them in a very nasty way. For some of the forum members it was not even the first time this had happened - the last time being when Laurence Gardner suddenly cut ties with Nicholas de Vere. And by now many of them were questioning if the whole thing hadn't been a scam from the beginning.

Attempts were already being made to determine if there was any way Nick's claims from his essays could be corroborated with historical data, an initiative I jumped into. This was complicated by the fact that the original articles were gone from the site and the book hadn't yet been released. No one had thought to copy them or make a big PDF or something because I don't think anyone expected them to vanish so suddenly.

Eventually Nick's essays popped up on the wayback machine in 2004 - but Tracy Twyman's devoted Twymanistas tended to snitch to her when people tried linking to them on their own websites or on Livejournal or MySpace, and her publisher (Book Tree, the Dragon Key Press) would email the offending linker suggesting that litigation might follow if they didn't take down the links. This happened to me.

The unspoken question that seemed to be on everyone's mind was, "if this was a scam - and I'm not saying it was, but just hear me out here - is there anything in it worth salvaging?

Anyway, by September 2003 there was a message from Bill on the site:

“While we await the wheels which grind exceedingly fine . . .
From the cowardice that dare not face new truths, From the laziness that is contented with half truth, From the arrogance that thinks it knows all truth, Good Lord, deliver me.”

Bill himself posted to explain that Nick had contacted him and demanded the immediate removal of his essays and threatening litigation, after months of silence. Bill expressed the hurt and betrayal he felt after literally years of shelling out his own time and money to make Nick’s essays available to the public.

In 2014, Tracy Twyman would go on to tell her own side of the story in her memoirs, Clock Shavings:

I was even more impressed when, a few days after that last séance, I received a letter out of the blue from Nicholas de Vere, whom I had not talked to in many months. In it he made two amazing requests: (1) That I accept ownership of the copyright for his book From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells, and seek to have it published right away, and (2) That I accept, at least temporarily, the title of "Grand Master" of the Dragon Court. He would retain ultimate control by elevating himself to a different title: "Sovereign Head." But I would be the official leader of record.

All of this made no sense because, of course, I was barely involved in the Dragon Court or any of Nick's projects at all. Also, why would he want to give away the copyright to his own book, especially after Laurence Gardner had already stolen it from him? Wasn't he afraid that I would screw him over too?

Furthermore, for what reason did he suddenly want me of all people to run his Dragon operation, when I still had yet to prove or even claim any connection to Dragon blood? Why did he not want to run his own order anymore? But Baphomet had predicted it.”

I need to clarify here that throughout her account of this entire time she describes being in contact with several entities who claimed to be Cain, Baphomet, Lucifer and Satan, via ouija board.

Actually, she claimed she had reached out to the spirit of filmmaker Jean Cocteau first, who then put her in touch with Cain. After several sessions, Cain put her in touch with Baphomet. The two spirits were connected somehow, to the extent that they were basically incarnations of the same person. There are some theories that the “Baphomet” that the Knights Templar was worshiping was actually the Biblical Cain (along with a host of other possible candidates) and it’s possible that the connection happened via syncretism. Baphomet seemed super mad about it during one seance.

Anyway, Baphomet had informed her that there was a curse on her, which would not be removed until she got Nick’s book published and sold at least 1000 copies:

I called up De Vere to ask him what he meant by all of this. He said that, for reasons he couldn't explain, he no longer wanted the burden of being the Dragon Court Grand Master. He asked me to take it "just for symbolic purposes," and said that if I chose to do absolutely nothing with the Court, that would be fine. It would remain in an "occulted" position until we decided to resurrect it. I thought there was something fishy about this, like he was trying to make me the "HEAD" of the court, and since it supposedly required no sacrifice on my part, I agreed to take the title.

I felt the same way about the book. Again, was he setting me up to take the fall for something? But he said that his friend was editing it now (something that I had told him would need to be done before his crazy manuscript was ready for public consumption). So all I needed to do was find a publisher. Considering that my crushing financial problems were supposedly caused by a curse from Baphomet, all because I had so far failed to do this one thing, how could I possibly refuse?

Back in the early 2000s, Tracy Twyman had been a part of Boyd Rice’s radio show and had participated with him in paranormal research before they parted on bad terms. His own statement regarding their flameout was posted to the dragoncourt dot org forum by one of his supporters.

Tracy referred to Baphomet as the true “Outer Head” of the order. The ouija board sessions with Baphomet became the primary moving force behind the Ordo Lapsit Exillis after that. That was how they got all their marching orders, via a literal party game that was created by Parker Brothers.

Ok, ok, fuck it. As a Chaote, I know pretty much any object can become an occult implement if you want it to be badly enough. People have done so much weird shit to try and tell the future or talk to spirits. Edward Kelly used a rock to talk to Angels. You’re reading this right now because scientists tricked a rock into thinking. But isn't it weird how Tracy basically became the very image of the ouija board-using "Heavy Metal Satanist" that entered our cultural mindset as a result of the Satanic Panic? I mean: Evangelicals, you realize how this is your fault, right?

I also wonder how much of what eventually happned was also Tracy Twyman succumbing to the same "subliminal social programming" about "good Christian kids who turn to Satan and start playing around with Magic" that might have also afflicted me and my group in 1994.

Except: was that actually Cain/Baphomet and Satan? Was there ever an attempt to "vet" who she was actually talking to? Was it just some mischief-makers in the spirit world who were jerking her chain? ("Bro, you told her what? That's hilarious!")

I think it's possible that the beings she was conversing with were actually in her own subconscious mind, as aspects of her own personality or Ego. Because of course they told her that she was special and powerful and chosen by Satan and the real head of the Dragon Court and a member of the Invisible College. That part of her Ego probably believed she was entitled to all of these things. I'm not just trying to drag Tracy here; this can be a serious pitfall when you get into the occult. Some Magickal systems train practictioners how to recognize when this is happening and resist this impulse ("banish with laughter.")

Anyway: eventually they asked Baphomet how to conduct their Magickal ritual practice, and he (Baphomet seemed to identify as male but is physically hermaphroditic or intersex) told them to "call the Points" (Quarters or Watchtowers) and referred them to the Book of Leviathan, a part of Anton Le Vay's Satantic Bible. All of this is in Clock Shavings.

Tracy had found Nick the same way everyone else did, via Bill’s website. She claims she was commanded by Cain/Baphomet to get his book published and to sell at least 1000 copies, or she was cursed. And that’s why she did what she did. Or at least, that’s what she claims in her book.

(On a side note: after reading Clock Shavings, I attempted to see if I could finagle a vision of the past out of the Universe to try and get confirmation of any of Tracy's account of the Biblical Cain living in a "giant prism in the center of the Earth." Instead what I saw was a vision of two men whom I understood to be ancient Canaanites, who were about to enter a forbidding desert wasteland. One turned to the other and said, "Pazuzu haunts this desert. We stand a better chance of making it if we split up. He can only go after one of us at a time." then the dream ended.)

After the flameout with Boyd Rice, Tracy and her associates in the OLE were discussing how to handle the situation, when Cain/Baphomet put them in touch with "Satan" himself (again, via ouija board) and that she and the other members of her Ordo Lapsit Exillis group were ordered by Satan to curse Bill Barckley and Richard Dufton.

Or, to put it another way: the Devil made her do it.

The thing is: 18th century Occultist Eliphas Levi, who popularized the image of Baphomet as as the Mendes Goat, saw Baphomet as a symbol for the Alchemical Union Of Opposites. To him, Baphomet was a benign figure, not a Satanic entity.

Aleister Crowley has this to say about Baphomet: (From Magick Book 4)

"The Devil does not exist. It is a false name invented by the Black Brothers to imply a Unity in their ignorant muddle of dispersions. A devil who had unity would be a God… ‘The Devil’ is, historically, the God of any people that one personally dislikes… This serpent, SATAN, is not the enemy of Man, but He who made Gods of our race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade ‘Know Thyself!’ and taught Initiation. He is ‘The Devil’ of the Book of Thoth, and His emblem is BAPHOMET, the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection… He is therefore Life, and Love. But moreover his letter is ayin, the Eye, so that he is Light; and his Zodiacal image is Capricornus, that leaping goat whose attribute is Liberty.”

Sounds like Enki again, doesn't it? But then he goes on to say elsewhere:

"I had taken the name Baphomet as my motto in the O.T.O. For six years and more I had tried to discover the proper way to spell this name. I knew that it must have eight letters, and also that the numerical and literal correspondences must be such as to express the meaning of the name in such a way as to confirm what scholarship had found out about it, and also to clear up those problems which archaeologists had so far failed to solve ... One theory of the name is that it represents the words βαφὴ μήτεος, the baptism of wisdom; another, that it is a corruption of a title meaning "Father Mithras". Needless to say, the suffix R supported the latter theory. I added up the word as spelt by the Wizard. It totalled 729. This number had never appeared in my Cabbalistic working and therefore meant nothing to me. It however justified itself as being the cube of nine. The word κηφας, the mystic title given by Christ to Peter as the cornerstone of the Church, has this same value. So far, the Wizard had shown great qualities! He had cleared up the etymological problem and shown why the Templars should have given the name Baphomet to their so-called idol. Baphomet was Father Mithras, the cubical stone which was the corner of the Temple."

You know, it makes sense that the Knights Templar, a martial order, might pick up Mithras worship in the Holy Land. Nicholas de Vere himself referred to Baphomet as "Father Mithras" in The Origin Of The Dragon Lord Of The Rings:

"In Draconian Tradition (see Kenneth Grant) Baphomet is translated as Bapho Mitra or Father Mithras. Baphomet is also rendered as Head or source of wisdom. If Baphomet is rendered Father (or Source) Mithras and Mithras is identified as Samael the Dragon, then one has the Source or Head Dragon, the origin of Pendragon.

Baphomet, the "Deity" of the Templars was described as being both the Head of Wisdom, which has Celtic and Galatian origins; and the Sabbatical Goat. As the Sabbatical Goat, the Templar glyph also used by the Cathars, the medieval witches and later generally by satanists and left hand path occultists, was more complex than the simple pentagram."

I've had spirit guides confirm the whole "Mithras-Baphomet-Templar Connection" to my own satisfaction; but I understand and respect the fact that the world of acedemic scholarship requires more concrete proof than just anecdotes from weird mystics.

Anyway: Baphomet is of particular importance to Chaos Magicians; at least to those who follow Peter J. Carroll's teachings. From his books Liber Null and Psychonaut (which are often sold in one volume, and are considered to be two of the foundational works on Chaos Magick:)

"There is a part of Chaos which is of more direct relevance to the magician. This is the spirit of the life energy of our planet. All living beings have some extra quality in them which separates them from inorganic matter. The ancient shamans mainly sought to represent this force by the Horned God. In more modern times this force has reasserted itself in our awareness under the symbol of Baphomet.

Baphomet is the psychic field generated by the totality of living beings on this planet. Since the Shamanic aeon, it has been variously represented as Pan, Pangenitor, Pamphage, AllBegettor, All-Destroyer, as Shiva-Kali — creative phallus and abominable mother and destroyer — as Abraxas — polymorphic god who is both good and evil — as the animal headed Devil of sex and death, as the evil Archon set over this world, as Ishtar or Astaroth — goddess of love and war — as the Anima Mundi or World soul, or simply as "Goddess." Other representations include the Eagle, or Baron Samedi, or Thanateros, or Cernunnos — the horned god of the Celts.

The appellation "Baphomet" is obscure, but probably arises from the Greek Baph-metis, union with wisdom. Gods with Baphometic names and images reoccur throughout Gnostic teachings. No image can fully represent the totality of what this force is, but it is conventionally shown as an hermaphrodite god-goddess in the form of a horned human that includes various mammalian and reptilian characteristics."

And I can't proceed without invoking the image of Baphomet the Baptizer, from Clive Barker's film Nightbreed:

Anyhow: in November 2003, the two new, unrelated articles which had appeared on dragoncourt dot org back in September (the open letter by Richard Dufton and the essay from another third party) were replaced by a Dragon Court Notice: "WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO LIBERATE THE DRAGON.”

In December 2003, this changed to “THE DRAGON HAS BEEN LIBERATED!”

Then the site was the target of a massive forum raid, inflicted by someone who apparently didn’t take too kindly to the idea of liberation.

PART 4: The Battle For Dragoncourt Dot Org.

I have written and raged so much on this subject in the past, so I’ll just repost the words of the late Gregory Ellison, who took over as webmaster in 2004 after Bill was no longer able to do so (in the flesh. He will always be webmaster in my heart.)

"Since this website began its life primarily as a vehicle for the (free) presentation of the works of Nicholas de Vere, I suppose I should state our "official" position with regard to Mr. de Vere and his works at this time ... especially since the commercial publication of de Vere's book has re-stimulated some controversy about him and this issue.

When was founded, Mr. de Vere had no publisher, nor any resources to make his book and ideas available to the public. Our original webmaster, Bill Barckley, kindly offered to create this site for the purpose of freely sharing these writings with anyone interested, as was Mr. de Vere's stated intention.

Accordingly, Bill, entirely at his own considerable expense in both money and work, created this domain and prepared Mr. de Vere's works for web presentation. This was a labor of love, with no commercial motivation and no compensation asked or expected, both as a personal favor to Nick and because he believed that the history of the dragon court and ideas of dragon consciousness were interesting and valuable ideas that deserved greater awareness.

The only condition Bill imposed on this work was that the works would remain free to the public rather than being sold as a commercial venture. This is not because Bill believed there is anything "wrong" with earning a fair profit on books that an author has worked hard to produce, but simply a recognition of the joint aim and agreement at the outset ... it would hardly have been fair for Bill to donate hundreds of dollars (by now thousands) of his own money, along with many hundreds of hours of his own work in paginating and producing Nick's books to be easily readable and navigable on the site, if Mr. de Vere intended to use that goodwill donation as a springboard for a commercial venture rather than the public sharing that he represented to Bill when Bill volunteered his assistance.

However, all things change, and in time Mr. de Vere found a publisher as well as other individuals (i.e., Tracy Twyman) interested in helping him promote it commercially. But since he had already agreed to make his works permanently available on this site at no charge, he thought he had a problem, believing that the FREE availability of the works here would hurt the commercial sale of his published book. (Actually, I believe that was an error in judgment ... the new book is updated and revised, and the presence of a free earlier version on the web would probably NOT have hurt its sales ... if anything it would likely have stimulated sales of the published book, as his ideas would have reached and interested more folks, many of whom would wish to own the most recent versions. However, that kind of marketing wisdom is rare, and Mr. de Vere did not take that position.)

The breaking point came when Mr. de Vere, rather than cordially speaking with Bill (who had, after all, been a great benefactor to him) about the situation, instead made other arrangements to be represented on other websites and then served Bill with legal notices DEMANDING that his works be removed from this site. Not a very friendly repayment for a great favor!

Now as it happens, under the Digital Millennium Copyright act, once permission for royalty-free web publication of a work has been given, it cannot legally be revoked. So Bill would have been perfectly within his rights to keep Mr. de Vere's books available here according to the original agreement. However, rather than go through an ugly battle about it, when the whole point to begin with had been free goodwill sharing, Bill removed Nick's works ... and that is why they are no longer on this site."

Had that been the end of the story it wouldn't be so unusual ... disagreements happen, and people change their minds, that's just life. But it wasn't the end of the story. Shortly thereafter, it became known that Bill was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and someone in Mr. de Vere's new "camp" -- I don't know for sure if it was Nick's own idea or one of his followers - apparently decided that in his weakened condition Bill would be a helpless target for aggressive action. Through Tracy Twyman, Mr. de Vere instigated legal action to seize this website and take its ownership away from Bill, on the harebrained legal theory that since it was originally intended to highlight Mr. de Vere's works and his version of the Dragon Court, it was therefore legally his property (even though it had been ENTIRELY paid for and developed by Bill). Needless to say, this claim had no legal merit and failed utterly.

Not to be undone by mere legalities, however, Mr. de Vere's supporters (and honestly I do not know whether with or without his blessings) undertook an aggressive attack on this website in an attempt to shut it down. This consisted of a concerted campaign to register under dozens of new fake usernames and post literally HUNDREDS of "garbage" messages to drown out any meaningful discussion. Most of these messages were simply irrelevant text, long copy-and-paste passages from other threads and third-party sources with no relevant purpose or content, and many of them were bitingly critical of this site while strongly supportive of Mr. de Vere and Ms. Twyman; but a large number of them were genuinely vile insults directed toward Bill personally ... calling him "Cancer-bag Barckley," for example, and referring to his "miserable sputum-filled existence."

That's when we were forced to make moderator approval of registration a requirement for posting on the site, thereby making it harder to use and less accessible to the general public ... but it was the only way to prevent it from being totally destroyed by aggressive "pro-de Vere" attackers."

Greg served as webmaster from early 2004-2005, when he too departed the physical realm. During this time the website underwent a site redesign that a lot of people grumbled about at the time, but frankly we were lucky to still have the site. Then Webmaster Maria took over until she ran out of funds and time to maintain the site.

From there the Dragon Court forum refugees scattered; either to Tracy Twyman and Martin Lunn’s Dragon Society site (until Martin Lunn passed) and a site set up at dragoncourt dot net by Crystalsinger aka Taur Alpheus, which is still online but has not been active since the early 2010s. The dragoncourt dot org domain has changed hands several times since then. No one affiliated with the old site and forum has been able to pick it up as of when this is being written.

Also: It seems kind of perilous to be a ringleader in the whole Dragon Court web subculture, doesn’t it? Almost like it’s cursed. Funny thing, that. Except it’s not funny, not at all.

Whether or not the curse played a role in Bill’s death, I have no idea. I'm sure the Twymanistas would mock me for this dumb Hippie sentiment, but if I cursed someone for Satan over a website domain and then they died of cancer, I would be more than a little freaked out.

As for Nicholas de Vere: back when all of this happened, I wouldn’t have followed him as the “true Prince” of anything, even if he had risen Aphrodite-like out of the Mediterranean Sea driving a 1979 Lancia Stratos Zero, crowned, immaculately backlit, and brandishing Anduril, Flame Of The West. At that point, I wouldn’t have followed him out of a building if it was on fire. Grail King or no Grail King.

So when Nick and Charles Johnson were going at it over Facebook a decade later and he told me to pick a side, I did what any self respecting Chaote would do. I hit my roommate’s bong, got too stoned to function, suggested that the whole conflict was part of a vicious cycle he had trapped himself in, and asked him if acknowledging him as Prince was a prerequisite to joining his side. He never contacted me again.

Actually, what he'd wanted me to do really was just to Make Charles Stop. But I was so fucking exhausted by it all - and in the back of my mind, I was still angry about what had happened to Bill, and none of the answers I had been given about that situation sounded like anything but excuses or attempts to deflect blame.

To make things worse, some of the turns of phrase that Nick employed in his flamewar with Charles seemed reminicent of text that had been in the "junk posts" during the dragoncourt dot org forum raid in 2004. This could have just been because Twymanistas were copypasting stuff he had written in emails or in private posts on other forums over and over as the "junk posts." But once and for all, I wanted someone to come out and admit that they were responsible for what had happened. I tried to tell myself that my motives were above board - but the truth is at that point I had a vendetta about what had happened to Bill and the old site and I proceeded from that vendetta (well, vendetta and weed, let's not forget the weed) which is why I responded to Nick the way that I did.

So it's ironic that it was Tracy who finally owned up to it and admitted to all of the bullshit that went on.

But once again, this was a war being fought as if it were a life or death situation over an online platform. I can understand ownership and control of a web domain, but all of this over a Facebook group? No one even owns that but Mark Zuckerberg, and he’s the last person we want involved with any of this.

Seriously, this is an open plea for anyone involved with Drakenberg or Dragon Court or the works of Nicholas de Vere in any way, shape or form to get off of Failbook right now. I’m not telling you to delete the profiles you use to keep in touch with your friends and family and your chums from high school. But the bullshit hit critical mass once Facebook became a factor, and anything you post about Nicholas de Vere or Drakenberg or the Dragon Court is legally Zuck’s property. Just something to think about. Get it off of the corporate-owned platforms and let’s go back to forums and platforms that are actually owned and controlled by the people involved with it.

On that note, Nick could have just rolled from that situation in 2012 and started over: this time on a site all his own without having to worry about a webmaster or a Twyman or a Johnson or a Dufton. In 2012 he could have gotten a domain and installed Wordpress over Cpanel (or asked someone to do it for him - it would have taken like five minutes, and it was what Tracy Twyman herself had done with her own site when Dagobert’s Revenge fizzled out) and he wouldn't have had to deal with learning to code or anything beyond the basics of logging in and posting.

But that's not what happened. Instead, Nick died suddenly in his home in 2013. He'd been recently hospitalized for heart trouble, but some believe he was murdered; or they wonder if Tracy and the OLE's curse is still flying around like a boomerang that just keeps on hitting people.

Tracy Twyman was found dead in 2019, apparently from suicide. Her longtime fans claim she was murdered to prevent her from single-handedly exposing the Satanic adrenochrome-drinking child-sex-trafficking conspiracy.

Suicide is terrible. And no one deserves to have their deaths politicized by a bunch of cynical, bad-faith opportunists trying to push an agenda, nor should it become part of the collective fever dream that the people who have fallen victim to the Qanon memetic virus are currently trapped in. Tracy’s suicide, if that’s what it was, followed that of her first husband Brian Albert. Statistically, people who have lost a loved one to suicide are at a higher risk of taking their own lives as well. And depression is a hell of a thing to have to live with. I know.

Whatever she did or was party to in life, Tracy Twyman is survived by friends and family who love her and were no doubt devastated by her passing. But Bill Barckley was attacked, mocked, and literally cursed while he was suffering from a terminal cancer, all because he wouldn’t hand over ownership of a domain and website - and then he died from that cancer knowing his attackers were laughing at him as he suffered.

What am I supposed to do with this? How else am I supposed to feel about it? Most of the major players in this drama are dead. But the rage over it still hits me in the gut at odd times when I’m not expecting it, years later.

As for Tracy Twyman: I know I wouldn’t want some rando on the internet to still be holding a grudge against me for something I’d done twenty years ago. But she wrote the book admitting what she did. Maybe she was trying to come clean, I don’t know.

I have talked to other people who knew Nicholas de Vere personally, who say that Tracy Twyman’s assertion in Clock Shavings that he wanted to be a human sacrifice so that Cain/Baphomet could incarnate physically into this world as the Antichrist - to the point of seeking someone else to do it when she backed out ("Fine, I’ll find someone else to sacrifice me to Baphomet!”) sounds crazy. I’ve spoken with people who talked to him in the weeks before his death in 2013, and they said that he was rattled by his recent hospitalization from heart disease, and there was no way he was involved with anything like that.

I was never one of the ones sending her harassing emails, though I ranted a lot about the shenanigans on the dragoncourt dot org forum and on my own personal website. I wasn’t interested in directly contacting her at all. I did get what amounts to a spurious Internet C & D from the Book Tree publishing company after I linked to Nick's old articles on the Wayback Machine on my old website back in 2004. This was the closest that I ever came to having an interaction with Tracy Twyman.

It did kind of hack me off though when she claimed that those of us who were hardcore dragoncourt dot org loyalists had set up a "phony imitation Dragon Court." Like, we were Nick's original deal. He split from us.

Part 5: The Global Interstice Of Drakenberg?

When Nicholas de Vere's book based on his online essays called The Dragon Legacy was finally released in early 2004, I bought a used copy from someone on Amazon Marketplace who claimed it “wasn’t what they thought it would be.” I offered to take it off their hands, and found that most of what I felt were the really important parts, which were mostly in The Origin Of The Dragon Lords Of The Rings, had been cut out entirely.

Also there's a misprint on the front page. ("Deresthai" instead of "Derkesthai.")

*sighs* I'm fine, really.

Also in 2004, Tracy Twyman published an interview with Nicholas de Vere on the website that she and her husband Brian Albert created to promote The Dragon Legacy, (thedragonsociety dot com) called My Kingdom Is Not Of This World. In this interview, he admits to using channeled information. As in, there are things in his narrative that he hadn’t read anywhere, that nobody in his family told to him: at least, not among the living. He was relying on genetic memory like the Bene Gesserit or the character Leto II Atreidies in the Dune series of books by Frank Herbert.

Author Alexander Rivera expands on this in the book he wrote with Tracy Twyman, Baphomet: the Temple Mystery Unveiled:

"While Twyman thought that De Vere’s work on historical and mythological matters had value, she found his claims about himself and his organization to be grandiose and unverifiable. She is also fairly positive that some of the information in his books came from channeling. The family "archives" that Laurence Gardner said he got his information from were, in fact, like the “Akashic records” of New Age western pop Buddhism: they existed on the astral plane, accessible only through the mind of Nicholas de Vere."

Had we really just endured an online flamewar, threats of litigation, and the cruel harassment of a terminally ill man over information that couldn’t be independently or externally verified by any other external source? This seemed a tad sketchy, especially in light of his claims that membership in the Dragon Court relied on genetic testing for "Dragon genes" to confirm blood relationship to “one of the Dragon families” and that scientifc and historical data would bear out his claims, unlike the other various “New Age” sects which he derided as scams selling “cheap crystal and snake oil."

Not to say that channeled information or personal gnosis can't be valid! But I know that if I were making kind of claims that Nicholas de Vere was making and enaging in the kind of name-calling that he was engaging in, I'd want all my own ducks in a row first, so to speak. I'd want as much hard evidence as possible in order to back up all of that channeled information and subjective personal gnosis - if just to confirm it all to myself, before going and putting it all out there for everyone else to see.

There have been previous versions of this website where I lamented past attempts to find any external verification for Nick's claims outside of people who had worked with him or people who were referencing him directly, or crazy conspiracy theory sites fearmongering about 'THE BLOODLINE OF THE SERPENT,' etc.

If there is a "DRAGON BLOODLINE ILLUMINATI," it's mostly made up of people who punch clocks at 9-5 day jobs, have dumb arguments on the internet, and are still playing Skyrim over a decade later.

(I'm saying it's me. I'm the Illuminati.)

But seriously: as someone who has been involved with this thing on and off for the past 20 years, I have seen examples of people who "joined the Dragon Court" thinking that it was basically the Illuminati, only to react in shock to find that most of us have day jobs and are struggling to just get by. We're not the "New World Order" by a long stretch. I'm not even sure we were the "old world order."

Alexander Rivera continues:

"After knowing De Vere well and seeing the evidence, she did become convinced, as she still is, that De Vere was the actual author of two of Gardner’s books, and the actual progenitor of the "Dragon Court" that Gardner based his own organization on. She does not believe that it is centuries old. She says it was an informal group of De Vere’s friends who took their inspiration from him and who took on various “royal titles” that he handed out to them, supposedly based on their genealogies.”

It seems weird that Tracy Twyman was willing to proclaim someone who was the head of an “informal group of friends” as the Grail King/Rex Mundi/Antichrist combo platter, and to try and manifest his kingdom on Earth - not just as a UN-recognized micronation but literally the spiritual Kingdom of Drakenberg On Earth.

Fans of the manga and anime Berserk by the late, great, much-missed Kentaro Miura might compare this concept with the Eclipse, leading to the merging of the astral and physical realms into the Global Interstice Of Fantasia. Basically, the Global Interstice of Drakenberg.

And yes this was exactly what Tracy Twyman claims would have gone down if she and the OLE had gone forward with the sacrifice as described in Clock Shavings, which is why she panicked, renounced Baphomet and disbanded the OLE, and went on a rehabilitation campaign (and not the possibility that Nick would just be lying there dead. You know, from being sacrificed.)

(TFW you just realized you almost accidentally an entire dude.)

After their falling out, Laurence Gardner maintained that his own version of the Dragon Court was the legitimate Court. The head of this Court was Michel Lafosse, aka HRH Michael Stewart of Albany, who claimed to be the true hereditary prince of Scotland. Nicholas de Vere lambasted it as being “no more legitimate than a Northern working mens’ drinking club” and mocked them for its ties to Hungarian white supremacists.

Things got worse for Laurence Gardner when Michel Lafosse was definitively exposed as a fraud in 2006. Then Laurence Gardner died in 2010.

The flame wars and online and offline posturing didn’t end there. Alternate “Courts” with people claiming to be the current head/Witch King/Grand Master are still popping up decades later.

The novel Focault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco describes a situation in which three academics invent a fake secret society and conspiracy theory as a joke, only to run into all sorts of trouble when people looking to join the cult and people trying to investigate it start coming out of the woodwork.

Imagine, just as a theoretical exercise: you create a secret society. Maybe because you actually want to get together with like minded people and change the world (or even just hang out.) Or maybe you had the intention of making money by selling access to it, or maybe all of your friends have their own Magickal and Esoteric Orders, and you want one of your very own.

You find a sympathetic webmaster willing to shell out their own time and money, or an edgelord Satanist conspiracy theory author/pseudohistorian with their own occult irons in the fire, who was literally commanded via ouija board to get your material out there before the public.

But then all sorts of wingnuts you never expected emerge, demanding that you restore titles their family used to have, or that you recognize titles they have already assumed, and that they, not you, should be the “Sovereign Head” or “Grand Master,” or claiming to be your Twin Flame, or trying to win over your people to their faction, or calling you a reptilian and accusing of brainwashing them like in The Manchurian Candidate, or incorporating your message into their white supremacist propaganda due to the fact that a lot of the wording you used in your manifesto was kind of unfortunate, no matter how loudly you put down white supremacists.

Then you go on Facebook, and it gets ever so much worse. All of those problems and all of those wingnuts just multiply exponentially.


I kept looking for information confirming anything like the Dragon Court existed anyway. I made note of anything that synchronicity seemed to throw my way. I took note of the sources Nicholas de Vere did mention, and studied them. They were mostly references to other texts that most serious occultists would recommend reading anyway: Austin Osman Spare, Kenneth Frazier, the venerable but oft-disparaged Margaret Murray, Kenneth Grant, Jack Parsons, and Aleister Crowley. And as critical of Crowley as de Vere was in his writings, he seems to have been a fan of his practices. He describes corresponding with Kenneth Grant directly in The Origin Of The Dragon Lords Of The Rings.


PART 6: Pay Dirt?

Some memes are so good at replicating themselves and recurring in the Abyss/collective unconscious that they behave like virii. No matter how many times they’re suppressed or fizzle out, they just keep coming back, manifesting themselves as ideas over and over again.

For 20 years or so, I had been looking for proof that the “Dragon Court” as Nicholas de Vere and Laurence Gardner and others described had been a real thing that existed in one form or another since antiquity. Had de Vere simply coined a term for something which had existed, but not exactly as the “Dragon Court?”

After Nicholas de Vere died, Tracy Twyman eulogized him on the podcast Night Visions, but kind of ended up roasting him instead. One of the things she said was that he was "trying to be both Saint George and The Dragon at the same time."

This refers to his proccupation with Chivalric orders like The Order Of The Garter andThe Order Of The Dragon" the latter having been established by Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg in 1408. Nick tried to claim that these (but particularly the Order Of The Dragon) were connected with an “original” Dragon Court established by Pharaohs Amenemhat III and Sobekneferu of the 12th Dynasty in Egypt, whom he claims were descendant of the Anunnaki. As of right now, there is nothing but Nick’s claims connecting the two.

There was some debate over this on the Dragon Court forum: Nick claimed that Sigismund of Luxembourg fully intended it to be a re-establishment of an original Court dating from the Bronze Age, but their actual charter does not bear this out. Books with the original charter of the 1408 Court used to be harder to come by; as Dragoncourt Dot Org forum user MadeInPoland related in a dragoncourt dot org forum post:

"MadeInPoland", 2nd November, 2002
Message #1444

"ardri, you say that nick knew all along that zsig's dragon order's purpose was to destroy the dragon and that he gallantly sought to reverse this historical hiccup... but i had a long and surreal email exchange with nick (which i still have in my files) where he defends his erroneous claims using a "rare" book from the "royal archives" as a reference, not realizing that i not only actually owned a copy of this book myself and could therefore read the references in the original, but that this exercize caused me to realize in turn that nick actually DIDN'T have this book in his possession at all and was merely quoting from doctored notes, as his assertions contained the same altered quotes that were published in the original dragoncourt brochure. anyone who didn't have the research materials to hand, as i did, wouldn't have been able to see through nick's attempts to cover up, but nick was unlucky with me. had he owned up that he knew that he knew full well that he was doctoring history, but that he believed that his motives were admirable, i probably would have had a bit more respect for him, but that's not what he said."

I don’t know exactly what book they’re referring to, but "zsig’s" charter clearly states:

"in company with the prelates, barons, and magnates of our kingdom, whom we invite to participate with us in this party, by reason of the sign and effigy of our pure inclination and intention to crush the pernicious deeds of the same perfidious Enemy, and of the followers of the ancient Dragon, and (as one would expect) of the pagan knights, schismatics, and other nations of the Orthodox faith, and those envious of the Cross of Christ, and of our kingdoms, and of his holy and saving religion of faith, under the banner of the triumphant Cross of Christ…"

But who are the “followers of the “Ancient Dragon?” Who is the “Ancient Dragon? Well, there are several possibilities:

I. Tiamat or Satan (but it's Tiamat.)

Tiamat, the Sumerian Dragon goddess of the sea and the mother of the Anunnaki, and also the Leviathan of Hebrew and Caananite Myth, is a Dragon symbol existing since the beginning of recorded history.

[ Justified And Ancient. ]

This is actually probably the right answer archetypically speaking, even if it's not exactly what was exactly intended at the time by the phrase "Ancient Dragon" in the Ordo Draconis Charter. Whoever wrote the charter probably meant The “Ancient Dragon,” as in "that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan," according to John of Patmos, aka John The Revelator.

Occam’s Razor suggests that Sigismund and his Dragon Order probably meant Satan and The followers of Satan. The thing to remember here is, the idea of "Satan" was developed from the "Adversary" figure from Hebrew lore (who is not an evil "anti-God" but an Angel who works directly for God to test the resolve of mankind) and several other "enemy gods" of peoples who were living around the Hebrews, or gods that Hebrews used to worship, like Baal.

Mainstream Christianity (as it has been since The First Council Of Nicaea) runs on the idea of an apocalyptic struggle between the forces of Light and Darkness. It's a death cult based on the old Roman Imperial Cult (because THE EMPIRE NEVER ENDED) and they needed a Baddie for their paradigm to work. Or, if Nicholas de Vere is to be believed, Enlil (who Nick says was a real person at one point) literally demonized his brother Enki in a bid to seize power. Either way, a whole lot of early Mesopotamian and Levantine Godforms and symbols got misappropriated (or "mythapropriated," LOL) and recontextualized or combined - and the figure of "Satan" was the result.

The Lucifer of European Witchcraft is part of a dyad with his sister Ishtar or Diana or Belisama: some of his other names being Shamash or Apollo or Janus/Dianus or Bel. Which makes sense because then you have the Solar God/Lunar Goddess dichotomy. Aradia or Herodia(s) is their daughter.

In his essay From the Order Of The Dragon To Dracula, Constantin Rezachevici explains:

"Over five millennia of the dragon’s universal existence, it went through many transformations until the fifteenth century and it was known as a fabulous creature, sometimes with the head of a vulture, other times like the animal represented on the Order of the Dragon, with the body of a snake and the wings of a bat. The European Dragon had a lot of sources: Greek mythology (dracon), Roman_Greek tradition, Celtic mythology, the Bible, the Apocalypse, the lives of saints and Oriental influences. During preChristian times, the dragon often had a beneficial meaning (often connected with fecundity) and perpetuated in folklore until the late Middle Ages. However, in literature, culture and clerical Christianity, starting from Bibical text, it takes on a different role, and in the fifth century it becomes a symbol of Satan -- “draco iste significat diabolum” (Le Goff 58). This dragon, identified with Satan, was defeated and was dominated by spiritual forces but was not killed; rather, according to the symbolism of Celtic folklore, at some extent, “they even became allied with it” (Le Goff 45), by numerous saints and bishops of the Occident. In the art of Roman influence, the crutch of the bishop often has a defeated and twisted dragon at its tip. Both St. Michael and St. George, whose cult began to spread from the Bizant during the eighth and throughout the tenth, and respectively eleventh centuries, defeated the dragon physically in a fight."

II: Choronzon, aka "The Stooping Dragon," or "The Death Dragon," aka Telocvovim:

The above reference seems to clear the issue up pretty succinctly, but I feel that the following information is relevant due to the events that Tracy Twyman claims occured in her memoir Clock Shavings:

Eventually I got around to reading The Key Of The Abyss by Anthony Testa, a huge book with a lot of really great, important ideas; many of which which fortunately appear mostly in condensed form on here, on this website, and a whole lot of things clicked for me.

This gets into the events of the Angelic scrying sessions of Elizabethan-era Doctor John Dee, court Astrologer and Wizard to Queen Elizabeth I, and medium Edward Kelley, which resulted in the Enochian Keys and the lore surrounding the Watchtowers.

The above linked Wikipedia article states that the Watchtower concept originated with the Enochian scrying sessions, but the concept appears to predate those by several hundred years. Ancient peoples in particular associated them with the Four Royal Stars. Or as you might know them: Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Auriel or Uriel.

According to occult writer Donald Tyson,

These Watchtowers, represented in Enochian magic by alphabetical squares, are equivalent to the four mystical pillars of Egyptian mythology that hold up the sky and keep it from crashing into the earth. They bar the chaotic legions of Coronzon from sweeping across the face of the world. Coronzon, the angels reveal, is the true heavenly name for Satan.(5) He is also known by the Enochian title of Death-Dragon or Him-That-Is-Fallen (Telocvovim).(6)

But if Donald Tyson and Anthony Testa are correct, the Angels that gave John Dee and Edward Kelley the rituals to bypass or bring down the watchtowers had an ulterior motive. They wanted Dee and Kelley to bring the Watchtowers down and open the gates open to Choronzon and his demonic legions because they were trying to jumpstart the Apocalypse, and because they thought humanity deserved to suffer. And they can't open the gates on their side; it has to be done on our end.

It has always been generally assumed that the apocalypse is in the hands of the angels of wrath, to be visited upon the world at the pleasure of God, at a moment preordained from the beginning of creation. In the veiled teachings of the Enochian angels this is not true. The gates of the Watchtowers can only be unlocked from the inside. The angels of wrath cannot initiate the apocalypse even if they wish to do so.


Perhaps Dee believed, as the Angels deceitfully encouraged him to believe, that the gates could be opened a crack for specific human purposes and then slammed shut before anything too horrible slipped through to our dimension of awareness. Dee would have assumed that the harrowing of the goddess Earth and her children by the demons of Coronzon would not occur until the preordained time of the apocalypse, an event initiated by God and presumably beyond Dee’s control.

What he failed to understand is that the date of the initiation of the apocalypse is (in the intention of the angels) the same date as the successful completion of the full ritual working of the 48 Keys. This date is not predetermined, but will be determined by the free will and actions of a single human being who in the Revelation of St. John is called the Antichrist.

Wait. Wasn't that what Tracy Twyman and the OLE were planning on doing with Nick? Sacrificing him to Baphomet and resurrecting him as Cain and also The Antichrist? Didn't Tracy (who must have encountered these concepts during her time with the Occult) "nope out" because she realized at almost the last minute that their ritual was in essence going to bring about the Apocalypse?

Would this have resulted from Tracy Twyman and the OLE's intended sacrifice of Nicholas de Vere in the Grail King/Drakenberg Working? No one can say, as it never went down - though most likely it would have resulted in a dead body and the realization that they had straight-up just killed a dude, and the awkwardness of explaining this to the authorities and his loved ones that would have followed.

(I just want to add here, because it doesn't seem to go anywhere else in this essay, that Alan Moore worked the whole "Apocalypse Working" subplot into his comic book series Promethea and that it's awesome and people should read it.)

Then you have the narrative spelled out by Nathan of Gaza in his Drush HaTananim or Treatise On Dragons. Which seems somehow connected and is definitely food for thought. I'm not linking to the actual published English translation, which at this moment is $100 and has a 2-star review on Amazon. This video by Doctor Justin Sledge covers the important points.

As some have pointed out: "the gematria of the word "nahash" -- "serpent" is equal to gematria of the word "mashiah", "Messiah."

Either way, the point that forum user MadeInPoland was trying to make in that post quoted above was that Nick's insistance that Sigismund of Luxemborg's Order Of The Dragon was some kind of continuation of an ancient Occult Dragon Court was incorrect. They weren't Occultists trying to hide in plain sight of the Church. They were out to destroy the "Followers Of The Ancient Dragon," whoever they happened to be.

Who were "the Followers of the Ancient Dragon" according to them? Mostly the Ottoman Turks and the Bogomils (another Gnostic sect related to the Cathars) according to the Holy Roman Empire Association, who claim descent from Sigismund of Luxrmbourg's Dragon Court, and claim "exclusive ownership and protection" of the same. Or as they put it:

"Motto and Mission of the Order of the Dragon
Orders Motto: + "O Quam Misericors est Deus, Pius et Justus" (O how merciful is God, faithful and just) +
Mission of the Order: + Defend the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, Fight the Enemies of Christianity and Protect Christendom from the Anatolian Hordes and their Ungodly Faith +"

They wouldn't have been part of an initiative to preserve pre-Christian practices and esoteric learning. They weren't connected with an occult or esoteric "Dragon Court," no matter how much Nicholas de Vere might have wished the were or wanted them to be. I mean, I understand the temptation; here is a "Dragon Order" which clearly did exist, connected to Vlad Dracula of all people. (Well, his Father Vlad II, but yeah.) How cool would that be? But no.

Anway, I meandered along like this for years, comparing mythologies and correspondence tables in occult books, stringing symbol sets together. Then then one day I picked up a book called Spiral Dance, by Starhawk. Friends had recommended it, but to me it sounded like the same kind of fluffy bunny new age stuff that I’d been warned to steer clear of - which was a huge mistake as it turns out. Because lo and behold:



(LOL. "So much for the divine right of kings!")

I owe Starhawk a huge thank you, and a huge apology.

Immediately I searched for more info about whatever this “megalithic dragon cult” was. There are references to articles written by an Andrew Rothovius in the publication East - West Magazine in May and August of 1977. The titles of the articles are - get ready for it - "The Adams Family and the Grail Tradition", and "The Dragon Tradition on the New World."

Unfortunately though, I haven’t been able to find either of these articles online. I'm thinking I'm going to need to hit up my local libraries and used bookstores for this. But! There are a few references that I have been able to find elsewhere:

From The Black Knights, by Stephen J. Ash, we have:

This excerpt brings up the De Vere's supposed connections to the Merovingians; and hints at the idea that the "Elf King and Queen" roles were maybe remnants of the pre-Christian belief system which were retained within early medieval Christianity in some regions to form a kind of "Celtic Christianity" which was later persecuted along with Catharism by the Church. The "Elves" being the people who entered into pacts or otherwise had connections with their peoples' Genii Locorum. More on that in the next article.

(Also, LOOOOOOOOOL, look who is still being dragged for his ties to white supremacists.)

From The Children of Cain, by Michael Howard:

"In 1630 Adams was living in the Glastonbury area of Somerset in England and he fled religious persecution to live in America. Although his family claimed they were High Anglicans, it has been alleged that they were members of a secret cult called the Dragon Society. This esoteric group was dedicated to reviving the ancient wisdom of the megalithic culture and worked with telluric or earth energies at ancient monuments in the West Country. Other notables allegedly associated with the Dragon Order were the royal astrologer and magician Doctor John Dee and the buccanner Sr. Walter Raleigh, who also ran his own secret society called the School Of Night that was suspected of practicing witchcraft. (Rothovius, May and August 1977.)"

From Secret Societies: Their Influence and Power from Antiquity to the Present Day, also by Michael Howard:

"In 1823, President John Adams ordered a tombstone to be erected to mark the grave of his ancestor Henry Adams, who had emigrated to the colonies from the southwest of England in the early 1600s. The gravestone records that Adams fled from the “Dragon Persecution” in Somerset and founded a colony at Mount Walliston, which had been renamed Merrymount by neo-pagan Thomas Morton.

It is claimed by American writer Andrew E. Rothovius that Adams was not, as is generally assumed, a Puritan fleeing religious persecution, but the leader of a secret society called the Dragons whose members attempted to revive the old pagan religion in the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I. The Dragon title was a reference to the mysterious earth energy at sacred power centers and ley lines that link a network of ancient megalithic sites, such as standing stones and stone circles, across the British landscape."

This is the hardest, most concrete evidence that anything like an Occult "Dragon Order" ever existed.


Ironically, Nick’s scathing anti “New Age Witchcraft” rhetoric and his attempts at misdirection had discouraged me from looking in the places I’d be most likely to find any evidence that the Dragon Court as he described it had ever existed, outside of accounts from ancient Egypt or the Holy Roman Empire (which has never ended.)

One more time: what, or who is “The Ancient Dragon?”

In The Pickingill Papers E.W. Liddell proposes that Witchcraft originally came from an “Old Race” who built the great megaliths, and later mixed with the Proto-Indo European or pre-Celtic invaders (Nicholas de Vere’s "Proto-Scythians") in order to ensure their culture and practices survived.

I know not to take Liddell's word as gospel now, but again, here was something pointing to the importance of megaliths and telluric energy or "Earth Energies" to the "Dragons." The megaliths were built at places where several channels of telluric energy, or "dragon lines" crossed, and any references I have been able to find about the 17th century "Megalithic Dragon Cult" claim that this was of primary importance to them.

It’s weird: the zone is flooded with bullshit (which I sometimes suspect was the actual goal of the whole early 200s "Da Vinci Code Craze") with only a few concrete references which are now out of print. I haven’t been able to locate either of Andrew Rothovius’s East - West Magazine articles at all, in digital or hardcopy form.

In my opinion, it seems like a lot of people who are attracted to Nicholas de Vere's message are still getting hung up on the aspect of "Royal Blood" or "Kingship" or "Sovereignty" without realizing what it actually means or entails or what is really involved. They want to be "sovereign" by the standards of modern Western Civilization, i.e. completely unfettered and above any responsibility or accountability - and completely outside of the context and obligations that such a role typically demanded in ancient times.

In many cases people just wanted an excuse to try and opt out of late-stage capitalism, which is certainly understandable. (Hey, same.) But even back in the early 2000s the message boards were swamped with prospective "Dragons" with pages and pages of geneaologies real and imagined to back up their claims, with egos to match.

This seemed to be an issue with Nicholas de Vere particularly. It seemed like the actual purpose and message of the Dragon and the Grail was getting lost in his obsession with proving his genealogical decent from literally all of the important kings and folkloric figures from antiquity (eventually filling an entire book he titled The Dragon Cede) and that accepting any part of his narrative hinged upon acknowledging his divine right to rule based on this geneology, even if he never excercised it beyond the borders of wherever Drakenberg ended up being established. And personally I wasn't ready to do that, especially after what happened with Bill and dragoncourt dot org.

I realize that claiming descent from royal bloodlines was probably an attempt to win support for his plan to establish Drakenberg as an actual micronation-state on Earth. But if that was all it was, why go so far as to try and claim descent from figures that most people today consider to be mythical, or who lived so far back in time that they might as well be? In light of the conflict over the website, it just came off as another demand to blindly submit to yet another egotistical authority figure, and to shut up and stop asking questions.

On a personal note: genetic testing and genealogical study have confirmed my connection to what Nicholas de Vere, Laurence Gardner, and others have referred to as the "Grail Bloodlines." Learning about my ancestors is cool, but I don't feel any more or less "sovereign" than I did previously. It hasn't changed anything about my day-to-day reality. It hasn't caused me to gain "The Dragon Consciousness" as Nick claimed it would - because I already had it. I had it back in 1993/1994. It's the impulse within me that rejected the indoctrination of the society I was brought up in, and everything about the commodification of sentient beings that fuels our current corporatist/capitalist system.

Writer and Magician Alan Moore once claimed that his own creation, John Constantine, approached him on two occasions. According to his account of their second meeting:

Years later, in another place, he steps out of the dark and speaks to me. He whispers: "I'll tell you the ultimate secret of magic. Any cunt could do it."

It seems to me that the Dragons are not here to be kings, but to be a vector to "The Kingdom" if that makes sense. A vector to the Otherworld. A reminder that magic (and magick) is real. In short, to continue the work of Prometheus, and the Serpent in the Garden. Not to be gods over the human race, but to show the human race "a world without rules or controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible."

My own theory is that Nicholas de Vere and Tracy Twyman both never made it out of their individual respective "Chapel Perilous." Nick's was his preoccupation with "royal blood" and Tracy's was going down the rabbit hole with "Baphomet" and "Satan" feeding her a Chosen One narrative. My own "Chapel Perilous" was in 1994, and I'm not sure I ever made it out, either.

And finally: it seems that Tracy Twyman really believed for a while that putting the “Dragons” back in their "proper place" would cause everything else to magically fall back into the proper balance as well - and though Nick claimed he did not want to be King of the World, his statements in his essays reveal that he’d at least thought about it. But the real question is, what would Drakenberg look like if it existed?

To paraphrase George R.R. Martin, what would the tax code look like? But seriously - how would it function? Who would be included, and who would be excluded? Would it be a place where civil rights and personal freedoms are valued, or a place where people are commanded to bend the knee to the people above them in the hierarchy? Would the people above them in the hierarchy not care about this as long as they got what they needed out of it?

Bill Barckley answered this question on the old dragoncourt dot org site:

"The Dragon Court stands in direct opposition to all hierarchical structures of power, including world government. For all of recorded history society has been structured as a hierarchical system with a few elites at the top possessing all power. The effect of this pyramidal system of power has been that the bulk of humanity have been forced into ignorance, superstiton and slavery. The ignorance and superstition worked in the elites favor and propped up the system. Life was brutish, cruel, and short for most of history. This system of power remains in force and for most life remains brutish, cruel, and short.

The idea of an Earthly Paradise in which men should live together in a state of brotherhood, without laws and without brute labor, has haunted the human imagination for thousands of years. WIth the advent of the machine and technology the hopeless idea of an Earthly Paradise had finally become a possibility. To the elites at the top of the pyramid of power, human equality, justice, individual freedom - the fabled Earthly Paradise - was no longer an ideal to be striven after but a danger to be avoided at all costs. Why? The answer is simple, the elites would lose their power over others."


NEXT: Vero Nihil Verius? OR: "Nothing is true; everything is permitted?"..