Welcome To Cyber Alfheim!

1/16/2017: Making sense of this site.

After another long hiatus, I have finally figured out how I plan to organize things from now on.

The content that was on the Articles page will be migrated into the site's blog. From this moment on, this site will be devoted to the following projects:

I. Ongoing attempts to signal-boost concepts related to: progressive activism, basic civil rights and common sense, Transhumanism, net neutrality.These articles on my blog will be tagged with #H+, #Politics, #Activism, and #Occupy.

II. An attempt to collate the data gathered from years of exposure to various occult and fringe groups, and related topics of interest. I've been involved with some of this stuff since my teens, and I'm still trying to make sense of it all. Look for articles tagged #Metaphysics, #HereBeDragons, #Occult, and #Mysticism

III. An initiative that I am calling the Dallas Chaos Photography Project, which is an attempt to capture parts of this plastic city on film as it continues to change, evolve, (in some cases, devolve) and mutate. #DallasChaosProject

IV. The Dallas Pub Project. In conjunction with the Dallas Chaos Photography project, it is an excuse to frequent the various drinking and dining establishments of this fair city under the pretense of research. #DallasPubProject